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Guild wars bracket placements

Is there anyone who knows how the new system works for determining bracket placement. How many brackets is it possible to move up in one week? Will this number increase given the new 4 week rotation?Or will it take us 5 years to have even a shot at bracket 1?


My guild moved up 19 brackets last week. (147 -> 128)

Other than that, the devs haven’t stated “how” the new system works in detail. They generally don’t do that. They did state that if a guild dominates their bracket, they will move up faster.

(And no, they didn’t define what they meant by “dominating a bracket”.)


We have been winning by close to a million, but I think we only moved like 5

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Thats because 1 person guilds “arent dead guilds”.

The whole reason that guilds aren’t advancing very fast is that this 1 player does Gw, then gets 0 points in GW…

It’s a black box, we can only guess. All we know is:

  • It’s meant to let people climb the lower brackets faster.
  • It’s not meant to disrupt the upper brackets much.
  • The statement (I thought was true) “Guilds are auto-registered” is apparently false.
  • The devs disagree with players and feel a 1-person guild is “worth” as much as a 30-person guild.

I don’t understand how the first point is reconciled with the last point. But here’s a quick, naïve algorithm that might do the trick and seems to fit:

  • You are assigned a multiplier based on how many people in your guild participated in GW fully.
  • That multiplier is added to your score before new brackets are calculated.
  • A paragraph happens:

Adjust brackets based on score normally. Now subtract something from any guild with a multiplier <= 0. Repeat until all guilds have a multiplier <= 0. Potentially cap the number of brackets a guild can climb.

I think something like this fits the bill: a 30-member guild in the absolute last bracket can rocket past “a lot” of the (presumably) less than 30 member guilds around them. But way at the top, it’s 30-member guild vs. 30-member guild, so no “advantage” is present. But it hurts to be a 30-member guild at the top who has, say, 2 players drop out for personal reasons.



Well, I see Guild Wars similar to a League in sports.
But other than here, everyone knows e.g. in soccer why and to where a team is moved if this and that happenes.
I wonder very much, why the Devs are making that secret around climbing brackets. One thing they said, that the knowledge could be used to cheat the League. If this is true, the system needs urgent improvement.

But for now, I really want to know, why a very strong guild, that had already overtoken us before long, suddenly reappeared in our own bracket, although we just make small progression.

Please @Devs let us know, how this League exactly works… you want us to have fun. It isn’t funny at all not to know why and to where my own guild comes after a week of guild war.