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Will guild wars rules change?

It may get changed when guild wars gets an overhaul when they implement best 27/30 scores.
It’s not getting changed before, no matter the endless years of complaining. Been here long enough to have seen the endless complaints. For years, started about week three of guild wars back when it was weekly.

Seven tier VII shop purchases over the long weekend a delve comes out. Or settle for 2300.
It is what it is, and maxing delves is a gem pit by design.

This is kind of the drum I’m beating. It’s dumb that GoW’s only message is, “Don’t start new guilds. Join the ones that are already up there. They mysteriously shed 2-3 players every week, you’ll get in!”

It also means those guilds at the top don’t often face new challengers, as there’s dozens if not hundreds of brackets of buffer between them and talented new players. So it’s most likely those talented players go join them until they burn out instead of making a new guild that challenges the top guilds. Then they leave and get replaced again by the next person disgruntled with the climb, etc. The end result is the “best guilds” are comfy, sure in the knowledge they will only have to face the same guilds over and over again and won’t ever lose many of their rewards. It’s not that it isn’t hard to maintain that position, but they never have to face the risk of there being a new, innovative challenger from the outside. (A lot of the troop design prevents that too, it’s not just the ladder.)

There’s not a “the problem”. There are a lot of systems interacting and the whole thing sort of stinks. GW and its bracket system made sense when GoW was small and GW was the only competitive event. It is set up for a small game and GoW is not a small game anymore. The only people who benefit from the current system are the guilds in the top brackets. They “earned” those positions for the most part 3+ years ago, and now that it’s monthly it’s even less likely anyone will ever beat them.

So of course you defend it. You benefit very much from having your seat reserved, and you know even if you lose it there’s a nice one next to it you’ll get. It’d be a shame if you had to think about defending your seat more than once per month and the consequences of losing it existed, wouldn’t it?


No thanks. To come to where everything was achieved without me is not my choice.

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I’ll give one final attempt here, if Elite guilds have 30 Elite players, then perhaps great guilds have great players and good guilds have good players. Dead/dying guilds have no/few players.

We earn maybe one fourth the trophies your guild earns. We don’t deserve to be in the same bracket with you. I think that is your point, and I will not dispute it. Why then should a guild that earns one tenth of our trophies be allowed in our bracket?

I fought in b1/b2 before. If GW was every week, I’d still be there fighting. But I have no interest in Raid/Invasion. And I’ve seen GW mercenaries kicked hours before reset so they don’t get rewards.

If Portal rates can change, and guild tasks can change, than GW can change. And not to 27/30. I don’t like that at all. My guild has 30 great players. Well, maybe not by everybody’s standards. I’m a little odd…

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I have a new suggestion
Every new year, why don’t we restart GW positions like the initial GW

The top wouldn’t be altered very much
And the rest would get cleaned up properly


I’ll dispute his point. There is zero correlation between someone’s ability to sit and endlessly farm trophies in casual/arena and someone being able to consistently make high GW scores. One just takes time while the other takes planning and strategy.


An elite player to me is one able to score well with half the mythics at their disposal. They dont need someone else to build or play their teams.

I know many players that have all troops, weapons, etc. It certainly does not make them elite players.

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A lot of wars is about confidence. There are many high level players with the troop set to compete on colour but refuse to do so. Level 1200 plus getting 30/0 for around 30K points. Empowerment seems to have eroded confidence even further because there is no such thing as a counter for empowered troops when the start board is stacked to their advantage. Spirit fox can of course assist on 2 of the 6 days but beyond that we are all very much at the mercy of the board much of the time. Its the same in pvp. Players use fast start kill machines frequently. Elite players are the most creative team builders. Trophy count is irrelevant. That’s just monotonous grind by those who have the time and inclination to do so. In fact, there’s not much point in being top 100 of pvp. The epic ingot rewards that many players are lacking are awarded below this LB position. I don’t like empowerment because it’s gone way too far. There’s no planning or strategy needed other than to include them in your team. No skill requirement whatsoever.

I think empower troops have actually made guild wars more fun. There is a counter to every team. Some better than others. Luck is a very small part of guild wars as a whole.

There is now a thought process you need to run through before each battle. I think it is not a loss of confidence, but more laziness or just straight up not paying attention which makes people lose battles now.

The game was too easy and always was. Now that it has a little skill involved to play guild wars the complaining is never ending. Same with pvp, if people cant watch TV, while eating, while watching the kids with an occasional nap all while grinding pvp with no losses they start complaining.


That’s my fault for bringing up Trophies. I did not mean to imply skill, only activity. A guild that gets 12,000 trophies a week most likely completes all guild events and tasks. Our guild gets around 3,000, and does not. I therefore doubt that a guild that averages under 300 would.

We have several players under level 500 that score over 50k points vs dead guilds. They might struggle vs ‘Elite’ guilds. We will have to wait another 4 to 6 months to find out. Or longer. gl hf

Thank you so much for posting these screenshots.

On a separate note, I’d like to add – the fact that the ratio of a guild’s “League Rank : Guild Wars Rank” remains a reliable indicator of the guild’s age is hugely problematic, imo.

I totally get what you are saying. I still play on colour as I did before the empowered release went turbo. I am pointing out that some players now use full colour on certain days (or not at all) following the changes. The game was definitely less competitive beforehand. Many players aren’t confident in building teams of their own and look for guidance from guild members, assuming of course they communicate with the guild. Guilds in the top brackets wouldn’t maintain their position without creative team builders and a willingness to communicate. Many expect one team to conquer all five opponents on any given day, which we both know is not the case. Adjustments are required depending on the opposition in order to prevail. However, sometimes the best counter team you can muster has absolutely no chance given the opening board. That’s primarily due to empowerment, not the creativity of your team bearing in mind the opposition. Nothing you create will change that as things stand. Getting demolished by a looping team triggered by empowerment on turn 1 has nothing to do with skill. An issue in top brackets now is waiting til the end of the week to fully engage, possibly because your defence medals don’t always benefit your attack decks on specific days. Or maybe you’re waiting for the team builders to come up with something…I don’t know. But it’s definitely happening. The irony is that strong guilds want daily players NOT to do their daily wars until they’ve got as much advantage as possible. That’s their perogative; unless the devs start penalising the guild war “heel draggers” in some way. Might not be such a bad idea.

The best solution for new guilds climbing brackets as I’ve been saying for ages now:

It wouldn’t take long for “dead” guilds to fall down into Bracket 101 and there they would stay getting their minimum rewards every month without impacting on guilds actually playing.


I like Fleg’s idea, maybe bracket 101 could have different sizes depending on how many players there are.

One thing we don’t know is how big the game really is. Sometimes the devs say it’s really small. Other times they boast of its sizable audience. A smaller game can have a more exclusive top end, but a bigger game needs to find a way to help talented people enter those ranks.

In the end I like any idea that makes it easier for a guild that’s actually trying to reach the level where they have to fight to rise further. In my head, if we reset a guild like Anonymous for funsies, it shouldn’t take them much longer than 6 GWs or months to be threatening the “competitive” bracket again. I’m OK with guilds that don’t represent that kind of skill taking somewhat longer. But as-is we all know it’d take years for a top guild to regain rank if that happened, and that means we’re missing a lot of potentially talented guilds due to frustration.

Lol, I posted same request in '18

Yes I agree but would go a step further. A top 100 bracket guild that registers for wars and then fails to participate whatsoever should immediately be relegated to bracket 101. No ifs, no buts; get rid of the guilds that stagnate wars and block the progress of progressive guilds at once.

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Me too :grinning:


I’m actually really glad to be seeing support from players in top Brackets on this, given that it doesn’t affect them too directly :raised_hands:. Thanks peeps :slightly_smiling_face:.


I was really interested to see this comment; it seems it works both ways, and that some of the more casual guilds DON’T WANT to stay up in the high-end brackets (or WANT the competitive guilds to jump over them), but have no choice, and don’t get matched with appropriate, enjoyable opponents.


Everything can always be fixed. Only need to have a desire. And the developers do not have it. Or do not see the problem, or do not want to see.

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