Classic PvP mode

PvP sucks with all these empowered converters destroying half your team before you even get a second turn. Leave ranked and casual as they are and add in a classic option banning empowered converters and empowered skull converters. Could even disable weapon upgrades and talent trees.

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It’s called arena. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cool but how do I use my Infernus or the nature link on my Goblin? How do I create my own team using all of my available troops with all their traits? Arena is not even close to what I’m asking for.


Fleg knew that. He was just being snarky.

You don’t even get Champion XP in arena either, worst change ever.


I could agree with the sugestion, as long as empowered converters and skull spawners will be disabled for attacker as well.

Thus attackers could kiss goodbye to teams like taipan/YG/titania, mercy/ishbaala/infernus, skeleton key/greed, gimlet/king bloodhammer/glaycion, fire bomb/lust/JoE, etc👏

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But Skeleton Key/Greed team has no empowered converter or skull spawner :wink:. Same with Fire Bomb teams.

i want classic mode to have magic boosted gem spawn version of webspinner and bone dragon like in 2015 xD


Greed converts life to gold. And firebomb is an empowered gem destroyer…technically one could be argue that it converts gems to explosions…

It’d be fun to have the original pre-nerf bone dragon lol. The DE complaintrains will be nothing in comparation…

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And Divine Ishbaala with cleanse all again :heart_eyes:

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I still believe people who want a strategic GoW would benefit from a mode with no free turns.

Empowered troops are strong, but not as strong when you just get “a lot of mana” and not a free turn to use it. Converters are strong, but mostly because you usually expect to get a lot of mana, a free turn, and a board set up with another free turn on it. If the free turn isn’t there, a lot of troops we consider crucial for teams today would be liabilities.

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Given that the suggestion is for a standalone mode, I could go for ‘no free turns’ to try it out! Could be good/interesting.

Well, Greed isn’t converting anything. That would mean he loses life and it becomes gold like Dark Priestess drains life and converts it into attack.

Anyway, it was a tongue in cheek comment.

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I wouldn’t mind trying a no traits pvp. (including the traits that trigger at the start of battles)

Oh. That’s a really simple idea but when I thought through a few matches it really does change the game. I can’t tell if I want “no traits” or “no free turns” more now.