Hopefully I can finally get ishbala!

Devs want to be super nice and put infernus back in the soul forge!? Lol


The way the soulforge rotation works currently, Infernus will appear sometime in the next 6 weeks, so there’s a 1 in 6 chance of him being there this week. Best of luck to you!


Hmmm… a filler week… looks like the obvious combo with the new weapon and the bosskiller might be worth a try…


To me the art is very bland. Look, another rich human in nice clothing.
Very similar to Moneylender IMHO.

The spells are very blend too.
All 3 cards will probably hit the junk pile sadly.
The Falconer points at the snake charmer and laughs

(Edits thanks to Jainus)


Ubastet looks at the Snake Charmer and Moneylender and thinks “LUNCH!”


Bland not blend?


@Saltypatra, @Cyrup, or whoever draws the art. Could you further include the boost ratio of troops and weapons, that boost off of something, into the main art when posting weekly events? :wink:


I just got Snake Charmer followed by Moneylender in explore fights … can barely tell the difference.


You sure it wasn’t Marid?


It’s the fur. Ask @Maxx he knows best about it.


My defense team this week.

With two Merchant Prince cast, Wazir will do 108 spell damage with only 12 mana! It’s a rare team that could take advantage of Cedric Sparklesack’s trait for extra damage. And if you want extra Event Stones, you can let the Gnome King cast multiple times for those summoned Bombots! ^^

Hero could be change from Thingamabob to other Merchant trait troops, or even another Cedric Sparklesack. But as always, I like to bring hero in for wierd duel reason. You can’t defect my minions without beating me!! Hahaha.


Didn’t you want to put here Bonnie Rose?


Great suggestion, Nulings! Bonnie Rose would be great replacement for Hero here, as another blue nuke troop. But she doesn’t have gold limit-expanding trait, so she ended up stealing Wazir’s thunder for a bit. I like to build a fun weekly defense team that showcase new troops’ full power, which can be a bit too weak sometimes.

Wazir/Merchant Prince/Bonnie Rose/Cedric Sparklesack would even work for offense team as well, with 2 high damaging troops, and 2 support with mana-generator and summoner.

EDIT : Wait… actually Wazir is very similar to Bonnie Rose, just weaker with different color. So he is just a knock-off Godslayer version of her. Dammit! lol


In the next hour, we will have the strongest Bounty troop ever! He will make even Rift Lynx jealous.

I wonder what are the enemies’ type will be this time. I hope it’s the Mech or Knight, as they have the most armor among other types.


If we’re going to have infernal stinking Dust Devils rearranging our teams and making us preemptively alter our line-up to compensate, can we at least have the game remember what we choose? For more than one fight?


Go into “Edit Team” rather than just rearranging troops at the fight screen. Changes will stick hat way.


So I discovered, yes. Its irritating nonetheless though.