C'est nul!

SVP sur tous les évents, merci quand vous mettez les corbeaux en 1 d’éviter de leur “octroyer” “aléatoirement” un match 5 derrière lequel ils se barrent avec bien entendu 100 % de chance de le faire. Vous désavantagez des joueurs qui n’ont fait aucune erreur. Vous êtes trop nuls. A croire que vous privilégiez certains. Merci de rectifier cette inégalité manifeste. Si ça continue comme ça, j’achète plus rien. A bon entendeur…

I went ahead and used Google Translate for you…

Please on all the vents, thank you when you put the crows in 1 for avoiding “randomly” “granting” them a match 5 behind which they get out with of course 100% chance of doing so. You put players at a disadvantage who made no mistakes. You suck too much. To believe that you favor some. Please correct this obvious inequality. If it continues like this, I don’t buy anything anymore. A good hearer …

I have no idea what you’re talking about though ;-(

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It’s a complaint that the AI get extra turns “out of nowhere” from skyfall.

But people should take into account what the possibilities are for the opponent to ET with the board state their moves leave behind :man_shrugging:


and that the valraven (crow) is escaping due to the extra turn / yellow mana

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Täysin ymmärrettävää, Google kääntäjä ei aina oo ihan täsmällinen :laughing:

Completely understandable, Google translator is not always oo quite accurate

It worked in your case! Thanks Google!

Whaaaat?! I had no doubts :wink: