Cedric medal… are you crazy?

no… i guess i havent read through everything here, but i dont think PvP is an issue myself.

Status effects are just pretty much not a thing in PvP based modes now. Which removes a ton of counterplay strategies and makes it easier to get stat checked. It also means that most lockdown based strategies won’t work in PvP, but also that you can just get looped to death because freeze won’t stick, so… yeah. This causes some weird balance shifts like simple stun immunity in general one of the most valuable resistance traits in the game now, nearly on par with Impervious, as stun immunity basically means resist everything, when it was historically one of the worst for most troops that didn’t have super powerful other traits. But implementing this on badges does allow status effects to keep getting used for scaled content, where there is no second party to annoy. I’m not sure why stun gets a pass here other than they already implemented it and whoops, stun cancels badges because they work like talents and delve talents which we forgot we extended stun to effect.

As far as how this pans out in PvP, I think I’d have preferred the chance be smaller, additive, and have it not have been a trait, and have it at least respect auto-cleanse rules (poison doesn’t get auto cleansed, statuses won’t be auto cleansed on the turn any status was inflicted, stun can’t cancel the ability for the cleanse to trigger, curse halves it, equipping full cleanse badges is still a very high chance to every turn) which seems far more appropriate for discouraging status lockdown in PvP but still allows statuses to be, you know, still be able to be used at all as part of a PvP strategy, like using root trap or snap freeze on your setup turn or needing to counterplay root trap or snap freeze, huge things that would normally need to get played around that are just kinda… gone. And no, not even all current badges are even implemented as extended traits, the stat ones are implemented as team bonuses.

Should note that Essence of Evil works pretty much as it did before… unless the target is immune to stun, then you really need that extra turn and second cast or nothing will stick.


I mean this has been since day one, troops instantly op the moment they’re released but either way needs to be something like 20% like the way medal of anu is as that is gash and then hellooo dead content after nerf… but if it should even happen as like the fact how its something that’s good has made certain troops useless but then again since other troops have come in haven’t other troops become useless? So either way it’s fine as it is because yano everyone’s happy with the current state of pvp etc! So keep it as it is thank you!

Apparently everyone has cedric medals now in pvp and its no fun… it drags the battles.
And next week is guild wars -.-

Even just one Cedric Medal is pretty effective. That’s what I have equipped and status effects haven’t been a problem at all (except for stun). Negative effects usually only last one turn in my experience.

If they ever decide to do it, I wonder how they’re going to nerf the medal without making it completely useless. Maybe lower the chance to 25% and make the effect not stackable?

Thank you for your feedback everyone, we have heard you loud and clear.

We are looking into this now, and will hopefully make some changes in the near future. When we decide what they are we will let you know, and tell you when to (roughly) expect them.


So basically no one cares on this thread about making Factions easier for pure Faction teams.
You simply want the old Defenses that relied on negative status to still be good. Rather than make new ones.
Because outside of guild wars…13 weeks a year… How Defenses do matters because of?
Y’all were given the gift of a great buff. And you buffed it all up. :man_shrugging:


All those hours spent doing the new explore mode which I hate to get the 3 cedric medals are now going to be wasted time thanks a lot for that. Now you have ruined explore for no reason that’s just great.

These medals that make events at level 250+ less annoying are getting nerfed but what about the broken Life and Death or Rope Dart are you going to nerf them as well or are they fine because they makes battles last longer and make us lose with ever having a chance?

The cedric medals change the game as much as empowered converters are you going to nerf them as well?

What about people like me that wasted hours getting these medals that will now probably become useless are you going to give us some comensation?

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I feel like a simple solution would be to disable medals for ranked PvP matches (including Guild Wars), but leave them active for all other areas of the game.


I also like that this helped Pure Factions, so I’m hoping that the fix Salty is alluding to will be limited to PVP-focused modes only.

The fix I’d be most interested in seeing would be an anti-cedric medal entering the drop pool, so that players have an option for a counter (if they want one — not every team would need it, because not every team inflicts statuses, so joke would be on any defense using an unnecessary Cedric at that point) in PVP-modes. Something like the Badge of Magnus proposed in another thread: “if a Cedric Medal activates for your opponent, negate its cleanse effect and instead inflict a status for every one that would have been cleansed.” The wording might need some work—but I think mechanically a medal of this sort would be really interesting.

And if such a thing were implemented, my offenses in delves, ToD, and other events would be virtually untouched, whereas my PVP experiences would feel strategic and nuanced again.

LOL strategic. Pvp is a lottery now and the winner is the empowered converter that gets the best alignment.


One cast of an empowered troop is rarely enough to win.

Sure, a lucky Moon Rabbit can make a Rope Dart team really difficult—rarely, impossible. But—more often than not—I can find a way to victory against such teams :man_shrugging:

And my favorite PVP team (EoE/Divinia/Infernus/Obsidius) right before the Cedric medal didn’t even use an empowered converter. Now, it’s far less effective against anything with immunity to Stun.

I’m going to be disappointed if this results in a direct nerf to those medals instead of a rebalance that removes the silly stun interaction and reinstates the one turn status minimum. Truth is, debilitating status effects, especially stuff like silence and freeze last way too long in a PvP environment. Expecting them to stick for only a turn or two with these medals on would be a good rebalance. But “zero turns” is probably too short.


Exactly…I saw the medal as evening the playing field between human and AI.

Rip balance. I barely knew thee but you’ll be missed.

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Couldn’t a similar shortening of the length of status effects be implemented by making it so that any timer isn’t reset by any status effect?

I think that’s what tends to make them stick around forever—a troop gets silenced, and then that effect is inexplicably extended when it gets burned two turns later…


As one of the people in the group that likes the Cedric medal on offense, I hope that you guys don’t nerf its usefulness for that purpose.

To appease the complainers, you could just remove medals from defenses or change the Cedric medal so that only one is viable like the Anu medal.

This Defense doesn’t have a Cedric medal equipped. Still had 3 troops recover from stun one or two turns after being stunned.

I assure you all… Any Rebalance will only hurt the player, not help.

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I understand that completely. I don’t think a nerf is needed at all. But apparently, it’s coming, so I just hope they understand that some of us would like the medal to not become completely useless on offense at least.


Worst. Request. Ever.


I would so much rather see this done with Cedrics than have their chances dropped. As pointed out by several people above, the ability to quickly shrug off status ailments is huge for high-level scaling content.