Casual but active guild recruiting

Stanley Matched Red is recruiting. We’ve got 10,000 trophies and a few active players donating every week. The guild’s open to everyone, we just want some more active players. No minimum donation rules to worry about. Join in-game or reply to this post.

send me an invite I am very active player my code is JOCELYN_18

Hi, I sent the invite but it says you’re already in a guild. You’ll to have to leave that guild first if you want to join another one.

Happy to join if you’re still recruiting. Invite code LOONDOGIV.

Brand new to the game, but already loving it. Very likely I’ll be logging in and playing at least a little bit every day.

Invite sent!

I want to join if you are still recruiting. Invite code X3MDEAMON.

Do you still he spots available? if so how many? i am lv 664 currently in a top 30 guild, but i am not looking to play hardcore anymore. I think this guild will be a perfect fit. Thank you for your time and hopefully i hear from you soon.