Card redesign difficult for accessibility

The card redesign really seems to be made with zero thought to people with sensory problems, light sensitivity, and/or poor eyesight. Can we have an option in the settings to revert back to the old troop design for health reasons?

Trying to read the tiny rainbow numbers on mobile is acutely, physically painful for me. I’ll try to get used to it over the next week, but I’m terrified that I’ll be forced to stop playing. This isn’t a game mode I can ignore, it’s a fundamental part of the overall game.

Edit: Thank you everyone, for sharing your experiences and difficulties with the new design. I want to reiterate that this is about accessibility and not that we just don’t like it. The point is that it’s painful/anxiety-inducing for some people, and that’s the part that absolutely needs to be addressed as soon as possible.


I am having a similar problem. I can’t read the cards well enough to play strategically, and I am playing on a regular tv screen. This may hamper my ability to continue playing.


That would be ideal. A switch to revert to the old design. Can keep the blue arrow when spells are ready.

I haven’t tried playing on my phone as the numbers are already tiny on my tablet and I’d like to be able to see the stats. :sweat_smile:

Remember that some people are partially blind, need glasses, or have other visual impairments, or are simply overwhelmed by such a busy design for various reasons.


A disgusting update with clearly no Accessibility QC or contact. This makes the game a literal lottery for me when I can’t see the information needed to know how to strategise my moves. Just lost two battles in a row which I don’t think has happened in the past year for me. And I’m not even considered that bad. I really feel for those worse off than me that enjoy(ed) this game.

Edit: This is for full blown TV. Good luck on mobile or handheld. I’m. Not buying a 100" TV to compensate poor game design for my eye condition.

Edit: thank you Lasharina for making this its own topic, as well.

Edit: oh my. Went to build a team and the card design for those with visual disabilities is even worse there. I think I’ll just copy and paste from my guild from now on and play roulette in events. Good bye team building. Good bye events with non-familiar enemies/difficulty.


yes , some us players are older and have sight problems these new cards make the troop and weapons hard to read, can we have and option to go back to style of the card before the new update


Yes playing the game is now making me physically ill. I’ve been playing the game since its inception and have always defended the devs from their naysayers, but it seems like they want to make this a game only for young kids with good eyesight. At the end of GW I’m quitting the game and taking my 100-200 dollars i spend a month with me. I don’t even care if they do an update that gives you the option to go back to the old style. The extreme lack of consideration for disabilities tells me everything i need to know about the company and the developers.


I’m pretty shocked. I’m 35 and I’m playing with a migraine cap and looking dead center at the screen, ignoring the numbers entirely. I know that I’m one of the younger members of my whole alliance and it just seems kind of obvious to me that the biggest spenders are retirees, people with health problems (me), and retirees with health problems. How was that not a consideration?


Yes, I am too, retires, disabled, 67. I easily spend over $100 a month on this game and it breaks my heart I might need to stop playing.


The whole point of this redesign is to make the game slower by making reading the card settings hard to read.

. Mana charging to be read and tiny, not just glanced
. Traits to be read on the card, no longer icons
. Card level unreadable, medals hard to read

Slower battles mean less battles, less battles mean less resources gained aequaling to more resources to be bought. Bingo.

Disadvantaged players are just a side casualty.


I understand the need for new and improved artwork but the card redesign really should look at how the stat information on a card just blends in with the new mana color card background.


Pleae, please, please, revert that awful design changes back. My eyes hurt. Can’t read any number on the card any more. No icons for abilities? its nuts. Why anyone even wanted to redesign it in such a way…


Please revert this change. My eyes are ok but its impossible to read anything on mobile without really focussing on the cards one by one. Horrible design update!


A colorblind guildie complained about the cards too. It’s hard for him to see the opponent stats. He already has problems with earlier designs but this just makes things double bad.

Please devs, consider the accessibility when making graphic changes!

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Sadly for me that doesn’t equate to more resources bought. It results in not another penny invested in the game. Why pay more for less fun?


Only positive thing is that the mana circle now stays when fully charged so I can always see the needed colors.

I think a major downside is that they only do testing on steam. This should have been caught had anyone given this on a phone to someone who hasn’t perfect eyesight just to see what they make of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t even hate the looks. It’s modern, and I get the need to make a game appeal to a more modern audience.

Shouldn’t sacrifice legibility for looks, though.


I agree. The cards look crowded and confusing. IDK what the point in changing them to make them worse would be.


Even on Steam, legibility went down dramatically.
Do you want to know a card rarity? No more glancing at the color, just count the sparkling tiny stars!


Never said it was a smart move :expressionless:


You think it’s justified to assume, that they do testing in a game setting at all (like in… “playing it”?)? I’d rather think, especially with graphics, those are elements that are developed individually (and quite possibly by external subcontractors) and then smashed together in the hopes that it fits.

With all the flashing going on there, that may be trendy for phone users, but leaves a real strobe experience on a full screen, I would not think that someone volountarily played this on Steam either.

Or are you referring to beta testers? I think it has been established, that they are not supposed to forward feeback, but only bugs (and even then they are often ignored about it).


I play on steam and on phone, and it’s terrible on steam too. I have to stare at the screen for ages trying to figure out what’s going on.