Card Redesign

A design update that no one asked for.
My eyes are bleeding. On the big screen it looks terrible and too bright. There are too many colors on the sides, and I have to look at the center. This makes you dizzy if something flashes from the side.

It is absolutely impossible to understand what negative statuses work if there are more than two of them. They all merge. I want to look at the troop and see all the statuses separately without animation.

Changed place of skills, but we still don’t see the Magic. Magic is the same skill as attack. Why do I have to look at the troop every time to find out how much magic it has? For example, for the Grey King, magic is very important and it increases.

There is a lot of information noise. Instead of the rarity of the card, I see only colors now. Although they were already visible before. It is now very inconvenient to watch the rarity of weapons and troops. The lower part of the card merges with the gray background.

We also lost the trait icons on the troop. Many people used them and it was convenient.


In Guild Wars I didn’t even realise that my opponent was using Zuul’Goth until he killed one of my troops. Everything was blinking and flashing like a stroboscope.


Hi there.
Update 7.0 is nearly unplayable on mobile phones now due to the card redesign.
Too small numbers, awfull color combinations, too much effects in general around the cards. Makes it unreadable during a game.
I also see no difference on a troop between elitel-level bronze and no elite-level.
Don’t delete the old design^^ there should be an option to switch the design in the game settings like holiday skulls.


The new design is atrocious. Please revert back to the old style. While you’re at it, please hire a new UI designer, preferably with better skills than a high schooler. How did this even pass QC?


Oh, easy. They don’t have QC.


I suppose the threads will get merged but we’re complaining here as well

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The stat points are too hard to read in battles now. This is essentially game breaking for me.


Utterly pointless and confusing update. Why do I have to now spend more time trying to find out what the stars mean? I have a fully ascended troop, so (I assume) the five stars are blue, but then two are “sparkly”… what does this mean? There are three empty stars, which I assume is for medals… but why isn’t all of this explained up front after the change instead of me having to spend more time to find the explanation?


Please change the cards back to the way they used to look. It is ugly and harder to read. It makes me not want to play the game. I have been able to play more than a single battle. This is game breaking. Please fix it. Thank you.


We have several guild members (one is my best friend in RL) who have vision impairments. The new card layout is unusable for them as they can’t see the the tiny numbers at the top of the troop card and the colors blends in with the background.

Would this PLEASE be resolved. Games are supposed to be working towards accessibility not against it.
Thank you

Is there another place I am able to post this?? TYIA


It’s great! I’m trying to convince myself than it will be good for me, but I wouldn’t live so long! Change the view of cards back, please! I can’t see anymore and my mammy is scared to go to my room! And my monitor start crying when I start your game! Go back, I ask you with my gun!

That’s the base rarity. Kind of useful to know actually, if you still have to max it out. Before the only way to get this info ingame would have been either the ascension or the discard screen.

In the two screenies you attached, the weapon rarity can be spotted through the background colour of the image, while the troop rarity is, as said above, shown in the stars at the bottom.

Why have you inflicted this redesign upon us? Were we bad? Is this punishment for some transgression?

The numbers needed to determine strategy in a battle are unreadable due to font size and lack of contrast with the background. It now just oversaturated color noise blocking out the signal we need too play the game.

While I’m sure some sub-contractor is very proud of that mana color banner on the side of the card, it absolutely does not work with the critical game data placed on top of it. Even with the set of 3x reading glasses I keep around for close work, I can’t adequately make out the health and armor values due to poor contrast and overbearing status effects.

It’s clear you didn’t even consider testing this for accessibility such as color-blindness, color sensitivities, epilepsy triggers, aging vision, etc.

Why, why, why?

Please, please, PLEASE let us revert to the previous design.


I don’t think that there will be many people who have to look at this screen for more than 2 seconds that think the multi-coloured backgrounds for the skill description is a good idea.

Also, the new frames can give the wrong impression of a weapon’s rarity:

Whilst these are all Mythic rarity, I still see 1 x Rare, 3 x Ultra-Rare, 1 x Legendary and 1 x Boss weapon along with 2 x Brown for which I have no appropriate rarity. Why are you asking that we search for the tiny star to determine the rarity? Rarity was far more clearly expressed beforehand, in fact it was obvious.

And my final grumble is that the vignette effect on the troop card is too over-bearing. It gives the impression that it’s nighttime everywhere and often overlaps with the heads of troops. I’d prefer to see the troop.


I don’t mind some aspects of the redesign and actually may like some of the changes , but the negatives outweigh the positives. I’d rather just have the old design back than trying to improve the new design :sweat:.

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Please please please if for no other reason than accessibility compliance. It is very hard to see and I am playing on VERY large screen on XBOX TY

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Agree with all of this. Would just add to the point about better contrast: a black outline does not make orange on yellow readable, especially in such a tiny font size. The below may look ok zoomed in but it’s so hard to read at native size.



There is so much wasted space , rainbow puke. The gradients look cheap.


I kinda dig the new style for troops (outside of battle). Tired of seeing light blue on most of my troops. However, it’s certainly much harder to tell which troops still need to be ascended, which I imagine will be a problem especially for newer players.

Weapons, oh boy. Rarity is more important on weapons than troops, since you can’t ascend weapons. I think we’ll adjust, but it’s not the most user-friendly system.


I made my first steps on the internet, when geocities style was on its worst and most prominent, and your standard website tried to set new records for the hardest clash of neon colours and flashy elements.
I considered myself kind of immune, when it comes to rainbow overkill, and my usual mindset is, that more bright colours just can’t do harm to anything.

And now I find myself dreading every new fight, I have to start, and taking breaks out of desperation every ten minutes…