Card redesign difficult for accessibility

Part of that is that everything is somewhere else now.

I think it’s not as bad on bigger screens but everyone’s mileage may vary.

Oh, yeah… Sorry for assuming someone actually looks at the finished product. My bad. :crazy_face:

:heart: True that. More than a couple in our guild are having migraine issues after trying to play. Too much flashing.


I’m very short sighted.

If I’m playing the game I have to constantly keep switching between looking at the my phone through my glasses or looking over the top of them to be able to read the tiny numbers.

Also I do NOT need a flashing blue arrow to let me know a troop is ready to cast. If I’m using a team that has a meat shield up front, I may well not going to be casting that spell, but it keeps flashing at me anyway!


The devs just keep making the game worse with each update. Why do they keep changing things that literally no one is asking to be changed? There are so many issues with the game currently that are constantly brought up and asked to be fixed or old modes like Treasure Hunt that have been asked to be updated, but they all get ignored and instead we get yet another poor update with 7.0 that now makes the game visually unappealing.

For me, this game has been on a downward spiral ever since tokens/badges/medals were introduced. I honestly believe the devs are actively ruining the game on purpose at this point.


I don’t tend to post on forums, but I feel I need to add my 2 cents.

This change is so bad I’m considering going and finding myself another match 3 game


Who thought it was a good idea to put green text over a green banner and consider that readable on a phone screen?


Try blue on red or red on brown. Even worse


TBF - they’re all bad. lol


I don’t normally post on the forums either, but this ui change is disgusting, it takes me about 10x longer to parse just about everything in the game, incredibly uncomfortable to look at.


I have issues with migraines and the new troop UI has made it so much worse. It pains me to say this after all the time and money I’ve invested (level 2808, VIP 17) but if nothing is done to fix this mess soon, I’ll have no other choice but to walk away from GOW. I can’t jeopardize my health and well being over a game.


I disagree. A lot of players, including me, would have loved a change of the interface.
Back to what it was in 2016.


There are some problems about this battle card UI.
the full art card are quite ok but in battle icon is another story.

Bad aspects:
the mana icon doesnt have the current /total mana inside.
the total mana goes off when is full
the small banner that goes down from the top is not a good idea for the stats. Make them almost unreadable
Attack stat is weird to see not aligned with other and why it have that grey rhombus background, ugh.

I just give some ideas to make everyone a little more happier to play this game:

  • Bigger mana icon with fixed current/total mana (white text with black border)
  • Remove the drop down banner from the mana icon
  • Align all the stats at left side (maybe also the magic stat) with an overall darker grey background and white text.

I have no problem to elaborate some examples when i have some free time…


It’s too colorful! It is very difficult to read the numbers on a similarly colored background. I mostly play on a tablet, but I can’t imagine playing on a phone anymore. And I suffer from migraines with high sensitivity to light and visual stimuli, so due to the new design I will have to consider leaving the game…


im struggling to play like this its literally hurting my eyes trying to view cards now, PLEASE MAKE THIS OPTIONAL!!!


I see they try to upgrade the graphic design and that’s a great intention, it looks “nicer”.

However, wasn’t it tested :sweat_smile:? I played less than 3 minutes and my ayes hurt :smiling_face_with_tear:. I’ll have to stop playing until it gets solved.

The numbers are too small, with coloured background. 2/12 mana… I can’t see it.

Before we could see attack, shell and life together. How are we going to see all those details in so many different places?

If I can’t see all the information clear and together, in order to play fast, i would need to stop playing

Older design was perfect with that


I concur the new design is too busy and uses color too much for references. Which is not only not accessible but even for someone that can see the full spectrum it is distracting.

  • The layout of life/armor make it harder to find out the health of your or opponent team
  • The life/armor being color coded for information and then placed on a colored banner element make it harder to read
  • The Dmg insert is where that works, it is color coded but on a neutral background at least.
  • There is a globe to show the unit color usage and now the side banner that is too much for the same thing. Perhaps use the banner with a fillable bar going light to darker of the same color to show how much mana is ready. Make it with a border when filled up. The globe should turn to a neutral color and only show the unit glass then. Or revert to globe filling and use the banner for something else but with non interfering color to the globe.
  • The traits icons are not working, well for me they are all lozenge with a dot in middle. So cannot identify what the trait are at a glance.
  • No need to color the amount of mana numbers.
  • Seem generally all the numbers have reduced in size which is not ideal on some device. That seem to be caused by their color on color and the need to add an outline to them and our eye focus only on the main color which make the font appear smaller then the overall space they occupy.

All in all, there is more negative than positive for on this new layout. It nice to refresh thing sometime but moving too many items is often not good.

Same with where the event icon location in Games, UI101 do not move existing event location if Adventure Board is 6 tiles to the right on top then do not move it even to 5 or 7 tiles. Add new tiles to new location. This is the second time in recent updates that things move and it is annoying when you get used to where current things are and there no need to move them. Now by reflex you end up in wrong event. (Imagine if a software moved the File from first position to last all of a sudden, same effect).



Easy answer: No.
Development does not play the game. This includes that they do not do playtesting. Betatesters are not supposed to give feedback about features either, but only point out the worst (game-breaking) bugs. And most of the graphic stuff is done by third party providers anyhow.


+1 for the accessibility train wreck.
UI took 7 steps backwards and needs immediate attention.
Even on PC desktop, some elements are eye straining.


PQ3 also by 505 is great.