Can't scroll through classes without touchscreen on the Switch

Nintendo Switch, OLED, V 14.1.2:

Went to scroll through the classes on the Nintendo Switch version and instead the selector just scrolls off-screen through the different classes, if I click A while scrolling through off-screen however it brings the scroll to the one highlighted and asks whether to equip or customize it. Can scroll fine with touchscreen

Happens every time

Just try and scroll through the classes with your joysticks/without touchscreen and you’ll see what i mean.

Working fine for me, both left Joy-Con and D-pad buttons are functional and scroll through the Class list properly. (Also Switch OLED, handheld mode, game v6.3.x)

Sounds like you may have an analog stick off-centered? Maybe try restarting your system and see if it persists, or if you have a different pair of Joy-Cons / other controller available, attach them to the console instead?

Also, try to capture video so we can actually SEE what’s happening (hold the Capture button for 1 second after performing your test). Words alone are often not enough to investigate the problem.