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Accessing Hero using a controller with docked switch?

Im a new switch player. Is there a way to get to your hero (to change class, etc.) when using a controller with a docked switch?

I embarrassingly played the first 50 levels with no class as i couldnt access the menu. Finally I realized that I could use my finger in handheld mode to open the hero options.

Is there a controller button?

Also, all the online help says class is under troops, but It is not for me.

when you bring up the menu (with X), you can move the focus there. just travel around the imaginary rectangle of options until you get there. the frame will get a blue border (I think). not extremely noticeable, but it’s there.

class may only be under troops when you have actually selected one. if you select your hero in the team, troop is an option there as well.