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Can't reach the servers

Hello since this morning Gems Of War not working both on my Xbox One and Android someone can help me my gamertag is hamidou 76500 2017_11_15_10_31_00|690x388

Same issue on my mobile with Android. Annoying…

OK i’m not the only one

Same issue on both my steam account PC and on my mobile device (Android). Very annoying!

OK it’s not my box internet if devs are here please help US thanks

Now everything work fine both Android and Xbox One

Yep. I’ve been having constant connection trouble on my Xbox One. :frowning:

I put in a ticket to 505, so we’ll see what happens there. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone, are you all still experiencing these issues?

Hey, Guys,

We’ve checked with the team and out servers haven’t had anny issues in the last 24hrs.

Not sure why some players are having trouble connecting to the game. It could be there is an issue along line or at a hub connecting to the servers.


Yes, still having connectivity issues.