Can't get reward after defeating gloom leaf

I finished the quest with the dryad only to click the reward button and it just hangs on the ending text about gloom leaf closing his eyes. I have to press out of it as it won’t reward me.

This is ps4 version.

People have had this problems with other quest lines. Am sure they have it adressed and probably working on it right now -if not fixed already- be sure to send a ticket to 505 games to get your epic card. Not sure if they can give it to you but it worth a try.

Hi :slight_smile: I still have the same problem :frowning: Can you fix that please? (PS4 version)

For PS4 version you need to contact 505 support:
The guys over there should be able to help you out.

It got fixed after the latest update. Shame they increased the volume of the sound after the victory banner. No matter how much I turn down my soundbar it’s still super loud on that bit.