Cannot buy Sea Troll pack on iOS

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I wanted to buy the Sea Troll pack but clicking on the Shop button gives me an error in the order of “Looks like the iOS App Store is down, please try again later”. This happened yesterday and also this morning. I can access the app store fine through the app store app from Apple. (Yippie at the apps in that sentence)

What are the steps to make it happen again?

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I could make a screenshot but I’d have to resize it first.

Exact error message:
“The iOS app store is currently not responding. It may be undergoing maintenance. Please try again later”

I believe this is due to an issue with iOS 9.3 update

If you go into iTunes and make sure your iTunes user agreement is up-to-date (and that your payment info is also up-to-date) it should start working again.

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Ok, with help from support I’ve managed to access the shop and buy the sea troll pack.

However, it exposes a new problem. It seems under iOS 9.3 it’s no longer possible to access the shop without having in-app purchases allowed. But I would expect a typical player to first want to check what’s on offer, decide to buy it, then turn on the in-app purchases, buy it, then turn it back off again.
In other words, shop needs to be accessible without in-app purchases allowed.

Should I start complaining to Apple about this change?

Aha thanks. I was wondering why I could no longer access the store via the game while the store was working fine through itunes. I have in-app purchases disabled so that my kids don’t go on a spending spree.

I suggest that the devs update the error message to let people know that disabling in-app purchases can cause the error.