Can hero classes be of double troop type?

As long as we’ll get the last hero class soon, and there are no hero classes with 3 troop types (Construct, Elemental, Wargare), maybe existing classes can be updated with double type?

My idea is to give 3 classes these troop types:
Archer: make it “Elf / Wargare” instead of “Elf” (Archer has “Forest” talent tree which gives bonus to Wargare), there are no troops with this type;
Frostmage: “Elemental / Fey” instead of “Fey” (Frostmage has “Storms” talent), plenty of troops have this double type;
Runepriest: “Construct / Dwarf” instead of “Dwarf” (Runepriest has “Knowledge” talent), troops with the same double type are Dwarven Gate and Thunderforge.

And then all troop types will be presented in hero classes.


This is the perfect solution to redundant hero troop types and it solves the problem of which type to use for a given kingdom when it prominently features not one but two types.

The problem is that would be a huge buff for heroes, which are already very strong, and significantly affect the meta.

For example, an elemental class will be so powerful, I wouldn’t be surprised if one is never added to the game. On the other hand, a second troop type could be added to only some classes, which could be used to buff the useless ones.

That said, the second troop type should be based on the relevant kingdom not talents. Talents have useless troop type buffs because talent trees are generic. Example, all classes with Forest have the wargare bonus talent even though it makes sense for only of them (and even then would never be used).

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