Campaign Begins: Leonine Crown

Just another advance “lesson” that all the good little players should be buying elite (lol) pa$$es.

/s, just in case that wasn’t clear

“Check out this HUGE pain point that’s going to get worse over time. Prepare to suffer, or open your wallet. Your choice.”

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This is worse, you can’t even buy this. You get ONE tarot card from the elite pass. You will want to get it to mythic for kingdom power. That’s 5 copies still needed or an ascension orb. And I’m sure the next “8 orbs of power” mythic is coming up soon too.



more next level of aggravating inconsistency… “The Sun” is not a Vault troop.
it would be nice if it was changed to Vault kingdom or had some sort of in game indication of what the total list of Troops are now that drop from Vault since its no longer only that kingdom…


Would be a bit more consistent if the Tarot troops are labelled as belonging to “The Vault/kingdom.”

Much like Faction troops are displayed as “Faction/associated kingdom.”


Not sure if designating it as Vault kingdom improves consistency, since not all Vault troops are available from the Gnome Vault.

Without changing the kingdom, currently

  • (either): Troops from Vault “kingdom” except treasure troops can be dropped from Gnome Vault battles.
  • (or): Treasure Gnomes, Valravens and Heart of Rate can be dropped from Gnome Vault battles.

Just becomes

  • (either): Troops from Vault “kingdom” except treasure troops, plus Tarot cards can be dropped from Gnome Vault battles.
  • (or): Treasure Gnomes, Valravens, Heart of Rate and Tarot cards can be dropped from Gnome Vault battles.

FWIW I would love to see a full drop % table for Gnome Vault, but since Vault keys cannot actually be bought for real money directly or even indirectly, IANAL but I don’t believe it falls under jurisdiction of loot box laws.

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They have flash offers all the time for them. :person_shrugging:
You’ll see one for yourself in about 10 days from now.


In the devs opinion because chests can be opened with resources and not directly with real $$$ means they’re not loot boxes even though those resources can be bought with real $$$. Apparently having a ‘middle man’ between real $$$ and the loot boxes makes it ok. :unamused:


In regards to the upcoming vault weekend, will the Sun troop be in the drop pool?

If these tarot cards follow normal troop restrictions, is it 3 to 4 weeks after the campaign ends, or after the week when they would be obtained for the elite pass? This is the difference between saving vault keys this weekend or using them in hopes of getting lucky.

I’m not trying to be a jerk here, but is it really so hard to say “x days/weeks from this calendar date”?


It’s always been a pet peeve of mine saying 3-4 because it’s ALWAYS 4. I have no idea why they have forever said 3-4. With these campaign troops it’s even more vague.


I think with regards to “3-4 weeks”, they probably phrased it like that to cover counting either 4 weeks from the start of that event/time the post was made, or 3 more weeks after the end of that event. I’m not necessarily saying the second interpretation is a good one, and in the case of Bounty would be wrong (3 weeks, 4 days, instead), just maybe that’s how some people viewed it.

So I totally agree that “… 4 weeks from now” (i.e. the Troop’s release) would be clearer/less ambiguous than, e.g.

And agreed that it’s been different and still unclear with regards to Campaign troops, seeming to probably be 4 weeks from the end of the Campaign regardless of when it was released or became available for Elite(/+) Pass owners? But yeah, idk.

I rather feel they phrased it that way because they forgot to add troops often enough in the past, so once the community started wondering they could ninja it in and still claim everything was working just fine. Unfortunately Gems of War has been pretty much abandoned by devs by now, they’ve moved on to Puzzle Quest 3. I suspect the only way we’ll learn about The Sun being on the pool is from some player actually pulling it.


Maybe not the correct topic to bump but hoping someone with a lot more disposable keys confirms this. Since I’m still searching for HoR, I’ll probably use mine anyway. But it would be nice to know whether I can hope for two elusive troops rather than just one.


i didn’t hear of anyone getting the sun right now from vault keys, so i fear we have to wait another week.
but in general i wonder why there isn’t any riot about that, cause after a few campaigns it will be impossible to get all these vault troops (think about HoR) for a f2p player.

The devs should take the opportunity NOW to put it in the drop pool with the other Suncrest Troops, since the kingdom on the card says Suncrest. And then announce "Hey, just in case there was any confusion…The Sun is a Suncrest troop and will be available like other Suncrest troops.


People making it out as if this were new.

  • Penguin is a Stormheim troop. It contributes to Kingdom power level.
  • It is NOT available from Event Keys during Stormheim weeks.
  • It is NOT available from any other key.
  • It is ONLY available from GW.


  • The Sun is a Suncrest troop. It contributes to Kingdom power level.
  • It is NOT available from Event Keys during Suncrest weeks.
  • It is NOT available from any other* key.
  • It is ONLY available from Vault battles (i.e. using a Vault* key).


  • Queen Beetrix is a Drifting Sands troop (and also faction). It contributes to Kingdom power level.
  • It is NOT available from Event Keys during Drifting Sands weeks.
  • It is NOT available from any other key.
  • It is ONLY available from Chaos Portals.

For a period of time (nobody has reported since), The Sun was available in the Legendary Task drop pool. That was evidently an error.

Regarding Vault battles (started with vault key)

  • Troop rewards from Vault battles all currently come from “The Vault” kingdom
  • However, not all “The Vault” kingdom troops are in the drop pool (e.g. Gold Ring)

If everyone is SOOOO concerned about consistency, then the below will be more consistent. I don’t know that I like it better.

  • Change “The Sun”'s kingdom from Suncrest to The Vault. So it’s like Heart of Rage.
  • Personally, I like it being Suncrest better. :man_shrugging:

I had members complain about not getting it from event keys. But to be fair. Your example is also a common base troop and they recently started being included in event keys. (I’m 70% sure they weren’t before).

I’m 100% sure they aren’t exclusive to GW though you’re right they can’t be found in chests. They can be found in Guild event tiers… Such as Stormheims Raids event.

Will The Sun be available the same way?

It should be given your example. Will it be? Probably not.

…also legendary tasks.

But I don’t disagree with the overall thrust of the post.

I just wish the communication was clearer, and sooner. Like, it would have been nice for people who would have wanted to buy the Sun instead of chase it with Vault Keys to know when it was still available to be bought that this would be the case…


Now this I can agree with.

Also to add my final words on this, the people who complain the most (maybe?) are the endgamers who have everything and want to maintain that state of having everything permanently (without any further work/change).

I am not new, but not an end gamer by any means - I have 14 months invested in the game.
I do not have GW troops anywhere near mythic. (Yet people want fewer GW…)
I do not have Doom troops anywhere near mythic, and given the new timeframe (66 weeks per cycle), it will take even longer to get to mythic (without blue orbs) than Tarot card troops (maybe? haven’t compared odds)…

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Or… They are guild Leaders complaining for the players like you who you don’t have everything. And really nothing the devs do effect “the complainers themselves personally” and they are trying to look out for others.

Because weirdly enough. GoW only survives (and is enjoyable) if a large number of players of different activities and different stages of the game play. And not just soley “end gamers”.

GoW changes literally with every patch. To say end gamers fear change is simply silly.

so, you are only playing 14 months now?
and comparing things like doom and GW troops with new legendary vault troops?
and it sounds as you like it that way…i have no words for it.
are there still ways nowadays to get a lot of GW and doom troops? yes
so compare that please with new vault troops HoR, the sun, the emperor and the moon and their actual drop rates.
and then tell me about new players coming to this game after campaign 5 or 6 for example and i mean paying players…they will also have to pay to get the missing vault troops.

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