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Campaign 2 Tasks - (Week 8 Updated)

Campaign 2 Week 6 Strategy

Make sure to save the Adventure Board (B8), a Vault Key (B2), 2 Event Keys (B7), your weekly Ranked PvP (G2) and possibly the Monday Dungeon for Blue enemies (S3).

  1. Initially, you’ll be looking for Dwarfs to kill (G1) and Brown gems to match (S1). Any team with a Brown Storm is handy for the latter.
  2. Get 5 Glory from PvP battles (B1).
  3. Use a Vault Key to kill a Treasure Gnome (B2).
  4. Craft 1 Brown Summoning Stone (B3).
  5. Kill Obsidius once (B4) – try the World Event, Casual PvP or Dhrak-Zum Explore.
  6. Fast Explore Khaziel to kill 44 Dwarfs (G1) using a Brown Storm team to match 300 Brown Gems (S1) – Mountain Crusher is a good option.
  7. It shouldn’t take long to get 80 Souls (B5).
  8. Switch to Slayer Banner (NPy) for 4 wins (B6).
  9. Open 2 Event Chests (B7).
  10. If you don’t want to wait for Tuesday’s Faction Event, now’s a good time to complete three Level 70+ Delves (S2). That frees you up to get Blue kills (S3) from the Monday Dungeon and Adventure Board, and while hunting for Dwarfs (G1).
  11. In any case, now’s the time to do the Adventure Board (B8).
  12. Switch to a Hammer weapon for 4 wins (B9).
  13. Then use the Slayer Class for 4 wins (B10).
  14. Once G1 is done, switch to Ranked PvP for 22 wins (G2).
  15. On Tuesday, use the Faction Event to complete three Level 70+ Delves (S2).
  16. Look for 45 Blue kills (S3) – Tuesday’s Adventure Board might help.
  17. Finally, Explore Dhrak-Zum at D6+ three times (S4).

Here’s an okay PvP defence team to help out other players. Basically, 1 Obsidius and three Deep Borers. Most Blue Dwarfs do damage, and Obsidius uses the Brown Deep Borer makes, so it’s not ideal, but any fast team should have no trouble. Apothecary is another alternative. [6746,6042,6042,6042,3039,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,14033]

  • Log on Monday morning… head to the Adventure Board, blow through all 9 battles.
  • Remember there’s a new campaign week
  • YEP, there it is, Complete all battles on a single Adventure Board…
  • Stupid game, why can’t you see I’ve already completed them all and just give me credit?!!?

Week 7 - Swords Edge


Campaign 2 Week 7 Strategy

This week, you’ll need to save the Adventure Board (S3), the Dungeon (B8), 25 Glory Keys (B3) and 2 Event Keys (B7). You’ll also want to do Tuesday’s Adventure Board as soon after reset as you can.

  1. Start by setting up a team using the Sword Banner (BY) for 22 wins (G1) and a Sword weapon for 15 wins (S1).
  2. Earn 5 Glory from any PvP battle (B1).
  3. Win 4 Ranked PvP Battles (B2).
  4. Open 25 Glory Chests (B3).
  5. Fast Explore Khaziel or Drifting Sands for 13 Brown kills (B4).
  6. Once S1 is done, switch to the Knight class for 15 wins (S2).
  7. Kill one Lady Morana (B5). This can be done in the World Event or by using a Daily Delve Sigil in Crypt Keepers.
  8. Win 4 battles in a single Arena run (B6). I recommend stopping after 4 in case there’s a “win 6” task next week.
  9. Open 2 Event Chests (B7).
  10. Once G1 is done, build a Sword’s Edge team for 22 wins (G2), and use it wherever it doesn’t slow you down too much.
  11. Win 3 Dungeon battles (B8).
  12. Once S2 is done, you can do the Adventure Board (S3), though you’ll need Tuesday’s as well to finish the task.
  13. Do one Sword’s Edge Explore run at D7 (B9).
  14. Craft 1 Blue Summoning Stone (B10).
  15. On Tuesday, do the Adventure Board to finish S3.
  16. Get a 4-match (or more) 75 times (S4). Gobtruffle, Beetrix, Sycorax or any Troll are great for this, and Storms help too.

A good team to help out other players would be one Lady Morana and 3 Alchemists: [6613,6005,6005,6005,3043,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,14033]


I legit recommend 4 Taus (fully traited) for the Sword’s Edge team in Explore 1. May/may not be the fastest, but takes no effort to win with lol.


Important Update

There is a very strong possibility that I will be away from the game for a couple of weeks. My daughter had a very unpleasant accident at home and I’m currently in the burns unit with her.

Unfortunately at the same time I received some upsetting discord messages regarding one of my forum posts and as such I’m taking a small break from it all, I’m going to be away from my PC where I create these community guides but I’m hopeful that one of the other beta testers may be able to cover the information you are accustomed to. If not, I know the Garyatrics Bot usually has the correct Campaign Data on Tuesdays by running the command !campaign in servers that have enabled the bot (Tarans Alliance Discord and GoW community discord are two of the biggest that I believe you should be able to run the command in) hopefully someone will add the links here for you.

I hope to be back before the next Campaign starts. Be sure to keep a look out for my Guildless Alpaca carrying Hero wandering through global in a few weeks. Massive respect to the community I love :heart:


@Hawx so sorry to hear anyone would send you nasty comments — I, for one, love your contributions to the forum! I know many others feel the same as I do.

And I hope everything goes well with your daughter, and that this holiday season can be a time of healing for you and yours.

Best of luck :heart:


You seems strong, so you will be fine. Sadly we still living in a world with full of jerks and trolls, the only thing they have in their life is to try to destroy others lifes because their own life sucks. These is nothing but dust, and that will they always be.


Here’s what I think to be the correct listing. Yeah, @Hawx is sorely missed.

Week 8 tasks: Drifiting Sands


More arsine garbage tasks most players dont want to do, delves, treasure hunts, insipid garbage that we normally avoid . Terrible weekly design. Shameful effort. Not one but three treasure hunts. What a stupid ask. Stuff your treasure where you like, I have something in mind, but dont care ; rubbish gaming.

57 turn Treasure Map fail…:rage:

Next GW is during ToD. No need to do more Campaign tasks. I stop now.

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Dear Hawx,

So sorry to hear about your daughter. Wishing a fast and painless recovery to her. :heart:
Best wishes to you and yours.

You have my full support.

Unfortunately it seems that several people around, not only in the GoW community but on the world in general, forgot about good manners, respect for the next person, and how to disagree without being aggressive and offensive. People that do not have any skills in expressing their point of view will resort to all kinds of attacks when they cannot argue in an intelligent manner.


Campaign 2 Week 8 Strategy

This assumes I have the correct task data.

The Campaign is a right pain this week. The key decision you need to make is whether you’re going to try your luck for an extra Valraven during Tuesday’s Faction Event, or if you’ll just use Monday’s daily Delve Sigils.

To be clear, the first Silver task requires completing three Delves at Level 90 or higher. If you buy Tier I in the Tuesday Faction Event, this should definitely take you to level 90. However, even if you do every room, getting a third Valraven to open up two more Delves is not guaranteed (I don’t know the exact chance, but it feels about 50/50). In any case, there is a two Adventure Board task locked behind that (S3).

For simplicity, I’m going to assume you decide to use daily Delve Sigils. Otherwise, your Silver tasks will stretch to at least Wednesday.

Make sure to save your Adventure Board (S3; or B4, B5, B10), your daily Delve Sigils (S1), and a Vault Key (B6).

  1. Open 50 Gold Chests (B1).
  2. Open 2 Event Chests (B2).
  3. Use a Jewellery weapon for 22 wins (G1). Imperial Jewel goes well with a fast-Explore Sunbird team, while Dragon’s Eye can be a decent mana-generator in a high-level Delve team.
  4. Do 3 Delves at L90+ (S1). Ideally, pick a Faction where you can use Irongut, Zuul and Apothecary.
  5. Match 90 Brown Gems (B3). Mountain Crusher and/or Titan will help here.
  6. You can switch to Dervish class for 4 wins (B4) at any time, but I would wait until all three Delves are done.
  7. Complete Treasure Hunt three times with 60+ turns (S2). Yep, you heard that right. :frowning:
  8. Do today’s Adventure Board for half of S3, using Dervish class for 4 wins (B4), then Desert Banner (YN) for 4 wins (B5).
  9. Use a Vault Key to kill one Treasure Gnome (B6).
  10. Explore Drifting Sands five times at D8+ (G2), by the end of which you should have your 9 Monster kills (B7) and 13 Yellow kills (B8).
  11. If you time it right, you can also kill Scorpius once (B9) at the end of one of a run.
  12. Switch to a Drifting Sands team for 4 wins (B10) pretty much anywhere easy (even the Dungeon).
  13. On Tuesday (or Wednesday), complete a second Adventure Board (S3).
  14. Craft 3 Brown Summoning Stones (S4) – and you’re done!

Here’s a good defence team to help out other players: Scorpius and three Sand Scuttlers.


The original data scrape suggested a much easier path through the tasks. I had a team that would have carried me through the first many tasks, and suddenly I was looking at a totally different bronze/silver/gold offering. That made for a tense 25 minutes as I did what I could and then skipped the rest.

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Do you mean a data scrape of the latest campaign? If you do, then I wonder why they changed it.

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As in, someone has a script that they ran right around reset and gave me the task list. The ordering I got didn’t match what I was seeing, so something got crossed up somewhere. I don’t think the devs would have changed anything on that time scale.

To me, it looks like the current Silver lineup is backwards. They’ve got the hardest of the 4 tasks up front and the easiest at the end. Plus the fact that a level 90 Delve is not a middling task at all. Especially when compared to the first Gold (hard) task of winning 22 battles with a Jewelry weapon.


I would say the silver ones are almost always the hardest an most time wasting tasks. Gold often works well with the campaign.

All hopes for a full recovery for your daughter, @Hawx. Watching our kids be hurt is the worst. And to the adherents of the Greater Internet Jerkwad Theory: Take a long walk off a short pier.

What’s funny to me is that I used to almost main Treasure Hunts, so tasks there aren’t “bad”, though I get how it kind of runs against the point of the main game.