BUG - Did I not die?

Hi there!
First post here.
Must say this is a lovely game, Been playing some a week maybe now, I am Lv 21.
Today I was playing a Challenges, My champ did die or not idk. But one life left they did not attack her again.
then last one died but not my main , but I lost the game, that was some strange bug.
I saved a video of it , check it out, what happen?

Look at 0:48 I died there right? or did I.
Look what happens at 01:27 , they attack, but not main, the main is not there anymore, yet still there.

sorry if I post links wrong. I hope this is ok.
I do have a playlist with some gameplay videos if someone like to watch , i do not link that, but you find it on my site.


The team at Infinity are part of the console development. The teams at 505 Games and Pipeworks manage the console versions. I recommend sending 505 Games a ticket with all of this to thier support team here: http://support.505games.com/support/home

Ok I get to it, I did not know, ty!

Done. :slight_smile: