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Buff Carnex's Armor Gain

With a red/purple event this week, many people who haven’t already are going to upgrade their Carnex. The main problem with Carnex is his legendary trait compared to his armor gain. Carnex’s spell is still way behind with its static 3 armor gain. I think Carnex should be reworked to explode all skulls and gain (3+magic) armor. This is still a lower armor gain than things like Fortress Gate, but still more than things like Bone Dragon.


I will not be wasting traitstones on such a weak troop.

I already have it upgraded. The legendary trait is basically useless in its current condition. The full immunity is more legendary than Carnex’s legendary trait even with buffing assistance. I’m sure they will change the ability eventually.

As with many ‘absolutes’… making it explode all skulls at any level is dangerous because of what it can do to the lower-level meta-game. In the same way that TSO was a threat no matter what rank he was. Or IS, for that matter.

I’m in agreement here. I am yet to place any traits on Carnex but cannot see myself spending almost 5k Glory just to get the arcanes needed for his spell/trait statistics. That’s if it is indeed going to be 300 glory for one Arcane, the Runesmith being only an Ultra Rare.

There are a lot of troops that fully perform at level 1. Some of these include Keeper of Souls, Valkyrie, Alchemist, Finley, Sea Troll, Silent One, Cockatrice, Aziris, Skeleros, and others. All of those troops’ spell have the same combat potential at level 1 as they do at level 20.

They also don’t actually scale with magic though. So we basically need to compare the strength of Carnex exploding all skulls to the strength of Bone Dragon stripping armor and making a ton of skulls plus 8. Then add scaling armor.

Freaking terrible example but its the only one available.

Maybe if Carnex had simply magic scaling on both skulls and armor gain. Doesn’t have to be 1:1 either. Although given how much Gorgotha outclasses Carnex now, it could be.

Yes, if you don’t look at the other troops in the team.
I mean, sure KoS creates as much skulls at level 1 and 20, but if your frontline is lvl 1, not 20, you’ll feel the difference.

As far as Carnex is concerned, he would deal the same damage at level 1 and 20 regardless of his allies.

However low these damages may seem even at lvl 1 next to a Soul Keeper spell, they also allow to gather a lot of mana (and that mana will probably not be used as well in a lvl 1 team than in a lvl 20 team), the combination of these 2 makes the spell too unbalanced at low levels.

What I’d suggest would be something like “gain x armor boosted by brown gems destroyed” ratio 3:1

Have you tried pairing Carnex with Sparkgrinder? Since Sparky’s effects are doubled for constructs, it should give Carnex ~30 armor and attack, or ~40 attack per cast. Then, you could wipe the enemies out with a Green Slime and Bone Dragon.

Yes buff Carnex’s Armor, my Bone Dragon is hungry!

this guy has the right idea.

Not trying to argue about his spells armor gain, but his legendary trait is amazing, makes him one of the legendary troops that are actually fun to setup teams around.
I know you just want to bring your point about his spell across, but calling his legendary trait useless is dramatic exaggeration.

I still find the legendary trait to be useless because of what it matches well with. For example, one Carnex team I have built is:
Sunweaver*** or Ghiralee***

Carnex already gets so much attack from abilities that are favorable to him that more attack from his legendary trait ends up not doing as much. Additionally, Carnex has to be in the lead spot for his legendary trait to do anything where he has to be hit by skull damage. Any troop will lose a lot of armor in the first location. It isn’t useless, but the legendary trait ends up becoming overkill or reduced to 0 benefit.


Then we just have to agree to disagree on that, for me his 3rd trait generally significantly speeds up my games.
I also like the fact that his trait makes purely defensive supporter troops to also buff up your offense as well, i am not a fan of turtle games.
In any case, no matter how much you value his trait, i think the term useless should be reserved to actual useless traits that do exist currently :wink:

i am confused about carnex’s last trait. Is it when you do skull damage that the last trait buffs your attack or is it that when carnex loses armour that his attack goes up at that time or does his attack go up 25% what his armour does at the time it goes up.

Final attack value = attack value + [armour / 4]

If that helps at all.

If he gains armour, his attack goes up. If he loses armour, his attack goes down.

I understand the math but not the timing of which it is applied.

Upon matching skulls and then it is removed again

Oh thank you that helps now i can better determine if buffing its armour is a good idea with its spell of if i was making a donkey out of my self.

Just thought that another way to make Carnex’s 3rd trait worthier would be to apply the additionnal damages as Spell Damage. It would then ignore Stoneskin / Calcinate Skin / Armored. Could be nice.