Bounty Weekend - Crysturtle

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New Bounty Troop: Crysturtle The Crysturtle from Merlantis, is this weekend’s Bounty Captain. The Crysturtle will be available in the Bounty Shop, and will appear in Gold, Glory and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

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Great bounty troop! I think this will be my top troop for all future bounties.

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Thanks for giving us a good Bounty troop! :+1:


Great Troop…
Ultimate let down at the end though, when rewarded with


Don’t spend those all in one place now…


Well, this Crysturtle has some chances to be useful outside of bounty hunts.

But we still lack Red/Green and Blue/Purple bounty hunting troops. The next one is promised to be Green/Yellow though…