Bounty weekend – armored boarlet


New Bounty Troop: Armored Boarlet

The Armored Boarlet from Grosh-Nak, is this weekend’s Bounty Captain.

The Armored Boarlet will be available in the Bounty Shop, and will appear in Gold, Glory and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

did this go live? I got the bounty event but my boutny shop is blank/didn’t download.
can’t get the boar or play without the shop.

Try restarting the game. That can happen if you are playing at daily reset.

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If I am enraged, knock them to the back.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but the only way it can get enraged on a bounty team is by random chance with Book of Secrets or Dire Club.

I get that the enrage is thematic and you can use it in other teams, but it‘s an odd decision when its main use is in a bounty team and Ridgeback exists.


i was playing at the time, and I did restart before I posted. but then I went and played another game and came back an hour later and the store was up. so it was just a temp glitch on my end.