Both chat and forums need dark-text-on-light-background options

Light text on a dark background is difficult and painful to read for many people (including me). I avoid reading in-game chat or forum topics if at all possible, because there are no options to change the color scheme to something more readable. (Increased font size is somewhat helpful - moves it from “impossible” to just “eyestraining” - but it’s still awful.)

I was shocked to see that the changes to game chat didn’t include a dark-on-light option, especially since the update notes claimed that readability was a priority.

Being able to switch between light-on-dark and dark-on-light is a basic accessibility option; there are people who find each unpleasant or outright impossible to read. Most applications I use have appearance customization options that include at least those two color schemes (Discord has Light and Dark themes, for example). I don’t understand why GoW doesn’t.

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