New Chat is an eyesore

The new chat is literally hurting my eyes. I don’t like it,even the lite chat is bad. Please revert chat back to the way it was. I don’t know who tested this but it’s awful.

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I suppose it could be said that the new colours are a little harsher on the eyes. The old version had more grey and gold, whereas the new one is more black and blue (hence the soreness :stuck_out_tongue:).

Adding different colour themes to chat could be nice!

I guess as an additional note, I’m not a huge fan of the three horizontal bars as a Menu button in Lite Chat.

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Exactly. The way the next chat message scrolls up is literally staining my eyes. I know the devs put in a lot of work but I do not like the new chat. Better colors might help but the way the chat scrolls has to be fixed.

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The patch notes say this was done to make it more in line with the new design as GoW.

So “fixed in 4.3”. The strongest user feedback when they released the new UI was, “MY EYES, THE GOGGLES DO NOTHING”, the 2nd-strongest was, “Hi I have a mild to severe vision disability and GoW has always been one of the few games I could play, but this UI is impossible for me to use”, and the 3rd-strongest was, “Good job hitting your goals for the China release, now we’re going to need you to increase monetization by 25%.”

The third-strongest is always the most significant. This update’s third is, “Good job hitting the goals on the Switch release, it’s acceptable that you had to make some cuts to the 4.3 release. Our data indicates players won’t leave, and projected revenue from the competitive players re-buying VIP levels will compensate.”


I agree the update is awful. I’ve been calling it “the update that no one asked for or wanted” since we got the sneak peek about a month ago. The problem is that the devs don’t care about your opinion. The longer you play the game the longer you will realize that their hand as a development studio (IP2) is being forced by their publisher (505 games) to cash in before this sinking ship of a game is completely submerged into the ocean never to be heard from again.

As noted above, people complained to no end when the UI update came out. The devs response was basically telling the community to deal with it. The “New and Improved” UI stayed and those that had legitimate vision conditions were forced to leave the game.

This new and improved “social experience” is another example of a studio not understanding their core demographic. This is not a game that is played by millennials. Most players are 30 years old and above. Yes, there are younger players, but the majority are older. None of use oldtimers care about emoji’s or titles. What we care about is a game that isn’t flawed by bugs and an enjoyable overall in-game experience.

I believe Wu-Tang said it best, “Cash rules everything around me. CREAM! Get the money. Dolla, dolla bills ya’ll.”

Not that the opinion isn’t valid, but I think this thread was just about the how the new chat looked.

Edit: Ah right, unless you meant “the chat update is awful”?

Well, I mean, the focus of the new “social update” is the new and improved chat. So, I stand by my original statement.

If you don’t like the new chat, why not use Lite chat? Select it in the options, it’s almost identical to the old chat.

Didn’t use the previous chat, not gonna use the current one since we still can’t attach screenshots/videos or make Notes for new players: we use Line in our guild, many others seem to enjoy Discord.