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Boost ratio 100:1 on Sileni Guard (Switch) + Two more

(Nintendo Switch)

Found more troops with what appears to be a bugged boost ratios

  • Sileni Guard
  • Bandit
  • Dark Dryad


That boost ratio means that you gain 100% of Attack stolen as Armor. It’s technically correct, it just looks weird the way the game shows it.

100% would be 1:1, so it’s not technically correct.

100:1 results in only 1% of stolen attack shifted to armor.

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I stand corrected, there are some places where the boost number is directly used as percentage value, this doesn’t seem to be one of them though. All other troops show a boost factor of 1:1 for the shift mechanic, except The Wild Queen, which for some reason has a boost factor of 20:1. I wonder if the boost factor is used at all for shifting, it might be hard coded to 1:1, with the boost numbers just being some left over garbage data that could be cleaned up.

You can add Bandit (25:1) and Dark Dryad (100:1) to list. Troops that limit their spell effect by their magic and some external value are affected.

Including Gate of Soul and Rock Squid, but those look ok for different reasons.

I’ve added Bandit and Dark Dryad the post. But I can’t find anything wrong the others you mentioned. At least not without doing some tests.