Blockbusters Recruitment (Shutting Down in One Week)

Welcome to Blockbusters!

This is what we offer:

  1. +80 to All Masteries.
  2. +300% Daily Gold Bonus.
  3. 25 Gem Keys/Wk
  4. 360 Glory/WK
  5. 250 Gems/Wk
  6. 26 Event Keys/Wk
  7. 32 Glory Keys/Wk
  8. 1000 Souls/Wk
  9. 670 Gold Keys/Wk
  10. Active Guild Leader: (Steam Username: Jew Mage).

If you like what you see, these are the minimum requirements:

Join our Discord for announcements and tips: Invitation to Discord available upon invitation to guild.

  • Gold Donations are Level based:
    a. Lv 100 - Lv 200: 30k Gold + 70 Trophies or the gold equivalent of 50k Gold.
    b. Lv 201 - Lv 300: 30k Gold + 90 Trophies or the gold equivalent of 60k Gold.
    c. Lv 301 - Lv 400: 40k Gold + 100 Trophies or the gold equivalent of 70k Gold.
    d. Lv 401 - Lv 500: 40k Gold + 130 Trophies or the gold equivalent of 80k Gold.
    e. Lv 501 - Lv 600: 60k Gold + 170 Trophies or the gold equivalent of 120k Gold.
    f. Lv 601 - Lv 700: 70k Gold + 220 Trophies or the gold equivalent of 143k Gold.
    g. Lv 701 - Lv 800: 110k Gold + 220 Trophies or the gold equivalent of 183k Gold.
    h. Lv 801 - Lv 900: 130k Gold + 220 Trophies or the gold equivalent of 203k Gold.
    i. Lv 901 - Lv 10K: 175k Gold + 220 Trophies or the gold equivalent of 248k Gold.

  • The following are the minimum Guild Task Requirements ( Based on Best R.O.I.)
    a. Red Task: Level 7 (610,000 Gold)
    b. Blue Task: Level 7 (610,000 Gold)
    c. Green Task: Level 7 (610,000 Gold)
    d. Yellow Task: Level 2 (35,000 Gold)
    e. Purple Task: Level 4 (140,000 Gold)
    f. Brown Task: Level 7 (610,000 Gold)

** DISCLAIMER: ** All Gold that is donated to an unfinished task will be redistributed back to each member evenly. In order to avoid social loafers or gold riders, the gold redistributed will be added to the existing minimum gold requirement. To avoid this gold addition, make sure to complete unfinished guild tasks.

  • Minimum Seal Requirement: 667 Seals/Member/Week (Our Aim is to Upgrade to the 20K Guild Chests)
  1. 1 Week (7 Days) Maximum Inactivity. If you expect you are going on vacation, notify the guild in the guild chat. Vacations cannot exceed more than 1 week.

  2. At least LvL 100 (Exceptions are made to those that are lower level and are able to make donations above).



If you’re interested, reply to this post with your invite code and we’ll get back to you in-game.

I’d love to join! I picked the game up about a month ago and am at level 49 currently. I’m pretty sure I can meet all those requirements, and am in need of an active guild. Up until now, I’ve been managing a guild solo just to donate to get random rewards, which is really inefficient.

My invite code is MALKMUS710

Look forward to meeting you all!

Invite Sent Welcome to the Guild! :slight_smile:

I’m interested. Please invite SHADOWER_1. Thanks.

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Welcome to the Guild! Feel free to use our official guild chat for guild related questions or theory crafting: Blockbuster's Guild Chat

Streaming in an effort to recruit more members: Twitch

I’d be interested in joining. Just in a filler guild, but I don’t know if I can do 5k gold a week right now. Maybe in about 3/4 weeks.

I’ll drop from current guild when you want me to.

BLAZERB invite.

You can if you do Arena or PvP. Arena is not dependent on the troops you have. Its a random generated set of troops for each rank. After a minimum of 2 wins you will make up for the 1000 Gold entrance fee. Let me know if you have questions.

I tried to invite you, but I can’t until you leave your guild. I’ll be back around 6:30 PM EST. Make sure you’ve left your guild by then. I’ll send you an invite then.

I’ve left my guild

Welcome to the Guild. :slightly_smiling:

Hi, relatively new player here. I’m level 38 at the moment, but won’t have any difficulty meeting the requirements c:

My invite code is NIYU. Thanks!

Invite sent. Welcome to the guild :slightly_smiling:

We’ve had over 500K of gold put into this guild this week alone. We still have 13 spots. Come and join a future powerhouse. Even newbs like me (1 week of play time) can do the 5k per week( I ended up with 10K so far).

Leave your invite ids below.

I’d like to join you :wink: my code is JONASXX94 → lvl 53

Invite Sent. Welcome to the guild :smiley:

I’d like to join my code is THRAWN → level 63

Invite Sent, Welcome to the Guild.

Hi sarcasmjew, I just read your post and also read in the steam forum that yoi applied for the Black Pearl Guild.
So did you abandon BLockbusters? :confused:

Hi, It seems I met all requirements. My invite code STUN 1