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Big Dust Devil Nerf! A bad Joke or what?

Ok. Where can I start…
I am pretty confused about this decision!
I play this Game from the beginning.
I made a lot of advertising for this Game (friends, family, fellows and and and…) I spent some Money and a lot of Time into this Game.
So far, so good. In my Opinion the Game lost with every new Update and Patch more and more authenticity!
The Troops got more Life/Armor and actually its pretty hard to make a Team Composition for fast wins… nope… nearly impossible… no… not impossible… The Dust Devils were a great alternate to this Point. Especially for new Players a good Chance to win against OP Defences in PvP. Another Point is the Stone Farming. With 4 Dust Devils you had also a nice alternate to make fast wins for Minor Stones. And this is also gone. I cant believe this! Instead to buff the negative aspects of the Game they nerf one of the last positive Options… I am a big fan of this Game but this decision is just a nasty Strategy of the Devs. Meanwhile the most Players have very strong defence Teams. Its no more fun. The Rounds get longer and longer and since the last Update the AI got also a good Buff. I cant understand those Steps… I hope for constructive Answers. What are your thoughts?


Calm down or make your own game -.-
The same thing after every freakin update. You do realise that the devs dont owe you schmitt right?


i only see mimimimi :confused: its always the same some People think they could Change everything if they drop enough Tears


He/she can voice their concern like any other. There is no need for the negativity.


As @Sirrian confirmed the Dust Devil nerf come because of his huge overusing.
This is understandabla because we have been using him to farm traitstones.
It is normal that devs want to reduce quick traitstone farming.
It will either force you to buy traitstones or develope your troops in a slower pace.

I don’t like the nerf either but this is how it goes. No more farming -> guild will be happier for more trophies as I have to focuse again on PVP.


I’m glad about this nerf.
Cuz I have a lot of combo teams, but I rarely touch them since I discovered the Dust Devils spam.

Now I’m happy I can start exploring my other combos again!


You’re being unrealistic. Dust Devil needed to change. That is all.


Yeah, it was one of their biggest ever mistakes haha. My biggest mistake was not farming, I was busy recently and spent all my time just hitting 100 trophies :frowning: Would have been nice if they changed empowered to fast rather than damage reduction, but I guess his most important part is changing the lead enemty troop asap.

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The REAL joke? That you could use 4x fully-Traited Dust Devils to beat any and every Team.

That’s the literal definition of overpowered, thus a “nerf” was needed.


That you could use 4x fully-Traited Dust Devils to beat any and every Team.

every team? Hardly. Top teams cannot be defeated with 4x DD combo so easily.

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Too bad that the most people didn’t see the ironic Aspect…

Now you know that using irony will never work out well in this board, at least. :slight_smile:

Key words there. Not the easiest fights, but DD x4 could beat any Team, which is not how this game works no matter how lazy players want to be.

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I’m also a bit disappointed because I just unlocked his third trait. Oh well, at least Drifting Sands got its 75 points.

EDIT: Irony is VERY hard to see in blank text.

Any team can beat any team. In theory of course.

Dwarven Miner
Dire Wolf
Scale Guard

Now go do 100 PvP matches and tell me how well your theory works out :v:

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Only for those people who can’t read between the lines

My reply was not about how many times any team can win but if it can win.
How many times out of 100 PvP do you thing this great 4x DD team can beat fully traited Goblin team or aany other top team?

Obviously not every team can beat anything else, but you can easily create many teams that can. The problem with 4*DD before the nerf was that you could win most fights without even looking at the board at all. It somehow defeats the purpose of the match-3 game I think…


Hence the tonedown on Dust Devil.