Some personally Words in terms of a current Topic of mine

I would like to say a few Words on a current Topic of mine.
It’s a major concern of mine and I hope for a little attention :slight_smile:
Its about this Topic: Big Dust Devil Nerf! A bad Joke or what?

It was not my main Intension to start a big Debate about the actually Situation of the Game. Moreover it was not my aim to spread some bad mood around. Unfortunately I had not my best day and I think my Words were chosen a bit to harsh and offensive. This was not very professional.
So I have to say Sorry about this…

Especially I wanna say thanks to @Sirrian and the rest of the Crew to created this wonderful Game. I appreciate your efforts very much and I hope this Game will exist a long, long Time. I love this Game, my Guild and enjoy day by day the very friendly Forum Atmosphere! Its a privilege for me to be a part of this.

At the end still one or two sentences to Warlords Battlecry II.
When I studied at the University I had one of my best Times with this Game for so many Month… Its fantastic to see the unique art style in GoW again. It gives me a lots of nostalgic Moments back… So thanks for this too… and…

Many thanks for your attention… :slight_smile:


Did you just hit epic? (OverWatch reference)