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Between Raids and Invasions, which do you prefer?

Between Raids and Invasions, which do you prefer?

  • Raids
  • Invasions

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Guild Wars is deliberately not included as I am curious what people think in regard to the two newer pieces of content.

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Guild Wars lol.


Okay okay fine. I think its too early to make the call, to be honest. Gotta see how Invasion plays out later in the week with some higher stats added on those towers.

“Invasion is easier” doesn’t mean its an automatic win in the poll.


Invasion, just because teams that we can used are more interesting.


Invasion, because there’s less deathtouch and other nuisances


I prefer Invasion.

There’s a bigger pool of troops to chose from which makes it more interesting.


Even for me, I think.

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Invasions because more options and the battles flow better with the tools that we are given. Raids were a slog where had to build around nullification or broken scaling. I wanted to like raids more, but that didn’t end up being the case… at least not now.

Raids have a few problems. Trash monsters as just so very hard to kill without doing something like Mang and then board manipulation into four skulls, leaving “safer” strategies potential taking multiple times as long in even the early stages. Combined with that, the hero doesn’t have enough tools/cover enough roles effectively to make up for all the deficits that a given kingdom has as well as a troop type. Weapons are supremely unbalanced (the hero is overall pretty terrible at board mod), and the weapons given for shop tiers are not even remotely appropriate for the content. Then, on top of that, raids have a lot of random deathmark and (low chance, even worse) devour to which there aren’t necessarily any troop options to counter. And looking at what is potentially the next raid, Glacial Peaks, with the options that are available in said kingdom, makes Shentang’s raid look like a walk in the park by comparison, since that has neither the damage scaling nor the board mod tools to make skull cascades to play battles in a reasonable amount of time.

In contrast, invasions has more variety in the various threats you have to manage, but because everything in the battle is weak to skulls by the time you reach the end of it, they can comfortably scale up before you just get walled out by pure stats. They give rewards for completing reward stages, the battles flow much faster, so far so good. However, these battles feel, more or less, like any other battle in Gems of War does - I fill my mana and go in swinging, attempting to kill them before they kill me. For the time being, they are different enough that they still feel novel, and even doing all of a t3 purchase for two accounts on a single day (one of which had much worse beast pool to choose from), have yet to overstay their welcome.

Basically, raids are paced like arena battles on Warlord II without any of the overpowered hero weapon options, which is atrocious. Invasions are paced closer to Guild Wars where you gain advantage and then there might only be one or two exchanges before it is over, but part of that is the tools given with the current event. Barrier, in particular, is a powerful tool that completely ignores how hard your opponent’s stats scale, so having barrier on the table gives the battles a more puzzle like quality when the enemies stats are far above yours. Future weeks arent likely to have such an easily available barrier (not with an extra turn anyways) and the stat scaling on the opponents may again become a factor beyond how long you have to play carefully and picking when to give up an exchange. So far, it is looking like towers scale at a much more reasonable rate, which is also nice since you don’t really earn anything for fighting tougher towers and it gives lower players a chance to gain some ground into the event. An account without a Forest Guardian is going to have a much tougher time with this event especially if they also have lower stats, and the lack of a clear path to obtain one while the event is active is likely to be a source of frustration (and a missed opportunity to resource sink/monetize), something I brought up in another thread.

tl;dr: I want to like raids way more than I do, but the experience needs to be streamlined around the core mechanic of killing a hugely imposing boss rather than figuring out the best way to mop up the minions unless you used one specific setup.


Don’t like either much but of the two, definitely invasion. Having two unsuitable killing troops left once you’ve killed the boss and having to wait for the ai to kill them off is unbelievably bad design. Troops with 36 attack trying to kill tzathoth or twisted hero with super stats is ludicrous, you can’t even retreat as you lose your boss damage.


So I joked before these modes came out… That raids/invasions are either gonna be too easy or too difficult.
I was wrong.
They are exactly both.
Raids are too hard (except for closing portals seems balanced)
Invasions are too easy. I used a level 230 player, Tier 6, and breezed through it easily. Only lost 2… But they were the type of matches that no matter what I did. The AI would get “Lucky” and make one 3 gem match into a a skyfall of a 5 gem and 4 gem skull match (no bonestorm).


where i come from we have the saying it’s “the choice between pest and cholera” (according to my translator should be between “the devil and the deep blue sea” in english )


Stick ‘neither’ as an option and you’ll get more realistic data.

It’s like asking people which Twilight movie they prefer and not giving an option of “a hard kick in the balls”

Invasion will landslide this - but it doesn’t mean Invasion is “good”, just the lesser of two evils.

I hope they fix this - I miss it.


The new modes add a nice variety to the game from doing the same every week. Granted they probably need tweaking but they are still new so in time that could happen :+1:


Definitely invasion. Two reasons:

1)Raids has too few troops to create viable teams when things are not going your way. For invasion, there are sufficient troops to create alternative teams. Incredibly frustrating to have to field the same team and be beaten by the AI 2 to 3 times in a row.

2)The wider troop pool makes invasion is playable without having to buy the invasion troop. For raids, the small troop pool forces you to buy the god-slayer troop. The rewards for doing invasion is quite good if you do not buy any tiers. Am currently doing an experiment to see how far I can go without buying any tier.

A really way to improve raids would be adopt a similar troop selection as invasion i.e. restrict by troop type instead of restrict by kingdom.

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For anyone that’s enjoying Invasion because of the troop pool size, please come back after the Mech event and see if your opinion changes.


both rely on the appearance of the birds to keep playing - they dont appear in the same frequency for all players.

because the sigil drop rates are different for different players both modes as they are now are pathetic.

both modes are pay to win and lack any fun competition of any kind because of the sigil issue.


That’s only if you are interested in the leader board. For invasions, you can still win resource rewards without buying anything. For raids, that is next to impossible.

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how do you do that exactly without birds appearing?

you wont get far at getting the rewards without sigils dropping.

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I have a 25-30% chance to have a Valraven. It seems the same for some of my guildmates.
Not sure, if you are really unlucky or if you don’t track properly the Valraven that you get…

28 sigils are enough to get Guild Stage 7 if all your guildmates do also their 28 battles.

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i have somewhat limited ambitions. If I can clear the 3 Tower Stage 7 without buying any Tiers, I would consider my experiment a success. I do not see the value proposition of buying Tiers to fight ever fatter Towers in battles that take 15 to 20 mins to complete - seems much more fun / profitable to play PVP or Explore. If you are in an active guild and everyone does the same, the guild should clear Guild Stage 7 easily. Beyond Guild Stage 7, the rewards drop so dramatically as to make it not worth bothering with.

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