Best Faction Troops (all modes)?

That’s in line with what I was thinking too, thanks for confirming.

Rereading this, I can’t believe no one named Lady Morana…
Second best tank in game, after gorgotha (mythics like stonehammer&champion of gaard not counted in).

And pretty much deadly, with the right setup.

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What are some good setups for her?

Morana’s pretty good for Crypt Keepers faction runs. I just had a hard time seeing a role for her anywhere else when making the original list, given that she doesn’t have any board control and her slow spell does meager damage. She does have that instakill chance on her spell, but that’s going to be unreliable.

As a front troop, her traits are decent (I like the attack stealing, but skull reduction traits are just ok in current competitive modes). Do you use her in scaling content (other delves, perhaps) mostly, or is she viable in pvp?

For example, as a frontline tank in gvg, or in undead/knight raids&nvasions (as i don’t have CoG), or in the red&brown ToDs, as a counter to certain dwarf lineups that are immune to a lot (but not to lethal dmg), etc.

Paired with grave seer and dark troll, it can be more reliable than kerberos builds that some run in pvp, as there’s very little imune troops out there.

I’d say she’s absolutely more useful than the deep king or queen xochi. Maybe even than alderfader (that has same colour/spell type alternatives outside the delves).

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You’re kidding, right? Surely?

Nope. Alderfader is meh, with both ishbaala and glaycion out there.
Queen Xochi does nothing that Luna doesn’t, with less dmg and beneficial side effects (since her summon chain got changed pre-release).
The deep king…emperor khorvash on a severe diet…

Meanwhile, how many non-mythic lethal dmg+tank troops are out there, except morana and the crappy executioner?

Interesting points.

As someone who doesn’t tackle a ton of scaling content, it’s hard for me to assess how valuable lethal damage is (its low percentage tends to make it unreliable in pvp and GW). I’ll add Lady Morana to the next version of the list in view of your comments.

That said, there’s no way I would value Morana over Xochi or The Deep King.

  • Xochi is actually quite a bit different from Luna (both are good), as Xochi can generate extra turns and refill her mana on each cast, kind of like a restricted Infernus, if used properly.

  • The Deep King does a lot more true damage than Khorvash, while providing submerges that are so useful for Merfolk team builds. With his attack stealing buffing mechanic, he fills different niches than Khorvash, who’s mainly valued for his stun mechanics.

-1 for Lady Morana from me!

I think you’re getting mixed up! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::woozy_face:

Fixed, thx.

Morana will go on the contested list for sure, replacing Sledgepaw (who I’m thinking I’ll move to the main list next time).

Kind of rethinking the format, see what you think:

Useful in non-scaling content (faction):
Alderfather (Primal Rift)
Drowned Sailor (Sunken Fleet)
Ethereal Sentry (Hall of Guardians)
Gargoyle (Hall of Guardians)
Grave Seer (Crypt Keepers)
Harpy Mage (Stonesong Eyrie)
King Gobtruffle (Amanithrax)
Luna (The Warrens)
Queen Xochi (Stonesong Eyrie)
The Deep King (Sea of Sorrow)
The Maraji Queen (Sunken Fleet)
The Wendigo (Wild Court)
Vanya Soulmourn (Silver Necropolis)
Water Elemental (Sunken Fleet)

Useful in scaling content only (faction):
Lady Morana (Crypt Keepers)
Sea Witch (Sea of Sorrow)
Silent Sentinel (Hall of Guardians)
Watch Mother (All-Seeing Eye)

No King of Thieves troops made the cut, sadly. Had a hard time justifying Tomb Robber’s inclusion when Skeleros is just more consistent.

EDIT: Updated for Wild Court. Once they fix the glitch with Wendigo, it should be a solid addition to skull-based teams. Wild Knight is the key to delving the faction, but when I thought about it, it’s main value stemmed from beefed up delving stats and the fact that it does hero-like things (e.g. have barrier up on a consistent basis). As such, it doesn’t seem like it will have much value in content where you can use the hero.

EDIT2: Updated for Mirrored Halls, LOL. Like City of Thieves, it has unique specialized troops who make for an interesting delving experience, but won’t see much use outside of the delve. Doppelganger seems to have the highest potential outside the faction, since it will let you break color restrictions on events (though maybe not Guild Wars, since its spell seems to count as an ally death) and has the ever-useful aimable curse. The rest seem to be duds, especially the disappointingly mediocre Mirror Queen (who’s doomed by her single-target damage).

Also, I’m still curious to see what people think about Chief Dargon in both scaling and non-scaling content. Seems like he takes too much work to use, but that’s a pretty quick spell to boost attack for Irongut, Ubastet, Gargoyle, etc. I’m guessing he’s still waiting on a troop that can really capitalize on bleed, but maybe he has some current setups?

Also, anybody think Copycat will have use outside of Mirrored Halls? Since the actual color she generates is random for 2/3-color troops, I’d think she’s a bit too unreliable for non-scaling content, but I could be wrong.