Best Faction Troops (all modes)?

What faction troops are the best outside of delves?

EDIT: This post has the up-to-date list.

I would imagine the list would start with the best Legendaries:

Queen Xochi?
The Deep King
The Maraji Queen
Vanya Soulmourn,

along with the empowered converters (Drowned Sailor, Grave Seer) and Water Elemental. Are there any other troops you’ve found noteworthy in pvp, gw, or other modes?

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Paired with Champion of Anu, Silent Sentinel, Watch Mother, and Sea Witch can all be used to great effect, I’ve found.

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Harpy Mage is pretty sweet.

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Harpy Mage is number 1 by a large margin

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Cool, Harpy Mage and Gargoyle were the two remaining Epics I was thinking had the most potential, glad Harpy Mage is seeing some use.

That’s very interesting, I wouldn’t have thought to look at those three. Especially Watch Mother. Do you usually use them for GW defense, or is there a blue team that can really take advantage of the life-boosting?

I used Watch Mother in the first Tower of Doom with Anu, and as a result l never died to anything but deathmarks.

Plus, you get the extra meat-shieldy aspect of the summons, so you can afford to put someone who’s a glass cannon up front. If you lose said troop, just put an Ocularen in its place :+1:

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There was a bug report about Harpy Mage exploding more gems than she should. Was that fixed, not actually broken, or still broken?

EDIT: Still broken! She doesn’t explode the ally’s colors.

Harpy Mage doesn’t explode more gems than it should. You can check it by getting it webbed. Nothing fixed/not broken in that regard.

It just doesn’t do what its spell reads, which is it doesn’t explode your ally’s color. It currently explodes gems based on its magic (I think), regardless of which troop gets chosen.

I meant she explodes gems that don’t match the selected ally’s colors. If you choose a mono-red ally and there are no red gems, she’s technically exploding more gems than she should by exploding any gems. Semantics but in either case, she’s not working as described.

I’m team Luna all the way and use her in every phase of the game except soul farming.

I run a Wildfolk team that has great synergy.

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The maraji queen gives half start to sunbird and rowanne, great for explore.


Also to Infernus and Obsidius, if you have ‘em. And to Alderfather.


How 'bout Amanithrax? The new faction is looking pretty sorry, with only maybe King Gobtruffle seeing some use outside of delving.

Also, anyone used/plan to use Hex Rat in other modes? It seems pretty buff, though applying curse to the first troop may be too much work to make it effective.

There have been a few times where I’ve wanted to use it – I think early on in Faction Assaults for fast clears? – but it just didn’t deal quite enough damage (compared to other troops) to make it worth it (and same for the third trait). Part of my disappointment is due to the unintuitive wording of the spell, where double damage is only applied to the first enemy, if Cursed, with regular damage applied to any below. There also haven’t really been any cases where I’ve wanted to deal 2x damage to the first troop only, and then have to repeat cast to kill the rest. That kind of situation usually only occurs on low-level PvP teams where the Hero has better stats than most troops and is used up front.

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Double damage is only applied to the targeted troop (with curse on it) and not all troops below it or troops with curse on it below the targeted troop. I.E. no point


Mushroom Man: generic troop
Fungomancer: generic troop/setup costs
Exploadstool: pretty bad troop
King Gobtruffle: good troop

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Thanks for clarifying, I didn’t realize that’s how its spell works. That much work for only 125ish AoE damage is much less interesting than what the misleading spell description led me to believe.

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So after a first wave of feedback, here’s the list I have:

(EDIT: latest list may be found here.)

Useful outside of home faction delving (where to find them):
Alderfather (Primal Rift)
Drowned Sailor (Sunken Fleet)
Ethereal Sentry (Hall of Guardians)
Gargoyle (Hall of Guardians)
Grave Seer (Crypt Keepers)
Harpy Mage (Stonesong Eyrie)
King Gobtruffle (Amanithrax)
Luna (The Warrens)
Queen Xochi (Stonesong Eyrie)
The Deep King (Sea of Sorrow)
The Maraji Queen (Sunken Fleet)
Vanya Soulmourn (Silver Necropolis)
Watch Mother (All-Seeing Eye)
Water Elemental (Sunken Fleet)

On the Fence:
Sea Witch (Sea of Sorrow)
Silent Sentinel (Hall of Guardians)
Sledgepaw (Dark Pits)

New faction, do you have any thoughts?

While a decent idea, I don’t think the City of Thieves troops will see much use outside of their faction team. Tomb Robber seems to be the most interesting, a faster Bone Dragon that self-boosts her own skull production.

That third trait on King of Thieves is terrible, but his spell will make him ok as a front troop on the faction team, used in conjunction with Tomb Robber. I’d be interested to see if anyone can make him work on a Cedric team. Street Thief could be useful on defense teams, as she counters the usual gold pvp team really hard.

Tomb Robber is usable/good; the other 3 won’t see much action. King of Thieves needs too much setup.

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