Best delves strategy

I made it last night with only a few minutes spare to reset time, thanks for the help, the teams suggestions and the video shared!! gotta love this community, in its majority that is of course.
@jzg @TheIdleOne
Also I had to end up buying that last tier three more times for a total of eight purchases


Congrats, @Tuaya!

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Congrats, @Tuaya! Nice one.


Xerodar is tricky to use. Many don’t end up using it all that much since they wait for alignment before casting it. That’s actually not always the best thing since it can still leave a lot of skulls for the AI to hit you with. Sometimes its good to cast it to make a bunch of 3 skull hits, if it doesn’t leave any 3s behind for the AI to take.


Just noticed that one of the few I’ve actually beaten only made it to “Maybe.” :rofl:

My bad haha, I haven’t tested it personally. (nor have I tested Stonesong Eyrie, yet I can’t really deny JZG’s video either :P)

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Wild Court


Fang moor pure nightmare done :grin:


What are people’s thoughts about faction runs before 500? I have 100 done on all factions and I’m at 300 now, and trying faction runs before continuing until 500.

Problem I have is that number of wasted daily delves on attempts. I’m currently trying PR, but even that’s taking many tries.

I do 100 for fun, and test the waters at 200. Some of the harder factions are painstakingly lame at 200 without potions, but a good portion are doable. I try some of them at 300 for a legendary pet at 500, but that doesn’t always happen for every faction I complete at 200.


Hm, then it sounds like I should just skip 300 faction runs for most fractions and push for 500. Sadly, I skipped over level 200 for most of them :frowning:.

Primal Rift came out before potions, right? It is certainly possible to beat level 300 with a faction team and Hoard level 100, because I did it. And I am nowhere near on the level of some of our players.

Primal Rift banner
Green Golem
Dark Dryad

Oh, I’m sure it’s possible to beat it. I watched someone’s video of their level 500 run with a similar team. No potions, level 100 hoard.

However, I’ve spent 9 daily delves already and probably 75% of the time lost due to RNG in one way or another. Last 25% I made it to the boss room and was just out-matched because I lost Redthorn/Alderfather or didn’t summon a Treant.

This is what made me question whether it’s worth “wasting” daily delves on only a level 300 run, especially when a level 500 run is also possible. Am I really gaining that much by beating level 300 with a faction team? All these runs could have been shards to help pump up Hoard level for other factions.

The difference between having pets epic or legendary is insignificant.

I personally always do a faction attempt at 100 and complete it. None of the factions released so far are so terrible that 100 is impossible without potions.

I do a few non-potion 300 runs during new faction event as a kind of a litmus test. If I can beat it without struggling much and I have enough gems, I usually just go ahead and purchase enough potions to go for a 500 faction run with potions. That’s what happened with Wild Court for example. Beat no-potion 300 faction in just 2 tries and a potion 500 run on the first try.

Complete all delves 35k renowns :grin:

For those interested.
@Demigod if you would rather this post not exist I’ll be happy to delete it.

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No m8. Its totally ok. I don’t mind :ok_hand:


Awesome job @Demigod :smile_cat:

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