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Being able to determine the quantity of what you want to buy when shopping

Hello there.

I would like to suggest/request the ability to choose the amount of purchases you want to make of a certain thing in the shop at once instead of buying it more than once until you get the amount you need.

For example , when i want to get even keys in order to try to open some chests sometimes i have to buy “spoils of war” that costs 180 glory from the shop for the amount of keys i need , which is time consuming since sometimes i need to buy like 100 event keys and that takes time , so i am requesting the ability to add a popup window that asks for the amount of purchases you want to make of a certain product.

This popup window should have :

  • 2 arrows right and left to increase and decrease the amount.

  • The ability to click with the mouse on the space so you can enter the number using keyboard.

  • A button that says “maximum amount” which will add the maximum possible amount you can enter with the amount of currency you have.

  • A button that says “cancel” in case you changed your mind.