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Beauty & the Beasts [Rank 23 GW Bracket 2] All Legendary tasks + LT completed weekly, 40k seals too


Hi all Beauty & the beasts are currently recruiting with 3 spaces available. We have our own Xbox guild club & we chat and regularly help each other out with team suggestions. We have lots of active loyal members always willing to help

Here are our weekly requirements;

200K+ gold
1500 Seals
Must do GW and upgrade sentinels at least once each.

Think you can exceed these then please drop a message on Xbox live to DrawnToShaun.

1 spot still open :slight_smile: ranked 25 in the world. Will complete all tasks & have a buzzing guild chat. Start 2018 in style

Our leader won top spot on the pvp leaderboard this week. We all work hard to contribute what we can to the guild. We are determined to keep getting better.

Come join us hairy Beasts. We have a friendly, active chat, xbox club and Facebook. We work together and we are determined to keep getting better :slight_smile:

I’m level 720…

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We’re now 23! Let’s go Beasts!!! Looking for 1 new player, message DrawnToShaun if interested!

Hey Walbert, I hope you’re enjoying being part of the beasthood :blush:. did you get the guild club invite?

If I received the invitation and I am enjoying and contributing my best effort.

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I apologize since I do not speak English.
Count on my best effort.

We are close to position 22. Come on warriors

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Cheeky little bump a doobiee doo