#68 Xbox One {Bracket 5 Guild wars} 24 active members

Beauty & Beasts are recruiting. Currently at 68 in the world.

We have 6 places available, if you are an active player that can contribute the following, please let me know on here, or contact Lady DeeStroy on the Xbox One. We are all active, friendly players. We use chat and help each other out where we can.

What are we looking for?
Minimum Weekly requirements:
200,000 Gold ( lower level players are always given leeway until they rank up)
150 trophies
1500 Seals
You must participate in guild wars but there are no requirements for sentinels. We are in Bracket 5
Please be least level 60 to apply.

We don’t instantly kick players and have a fair guild pro-/demotion/kick system.
To keep our guild active and going forward, inactive players for days on end will be kicked unless a time off/away etc has been discussed.

Note: I will need your code. In order to receive an Invite, you will first have to leave your current guild.

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