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Beauty & the Beasts [Rank 50 - GW Bracket 4] [26/30]

Last time I came here we were languishing at the bottom end of the top 100, but things have changed people! That’s right we’ve took it up a notch! Grasped that bull by the horns & now we’ve rocketed into the top 50! I know what you are thinking & I can tell you the feeling is mutual, it’s a totally amazing guild & you know what guys, you can say it out loud! Because we ROCK!

Hello and welcome! If you reading this, it means you were intrigued by the post. There’s no need to shy away now! Come on in and enjoy the fun with Beauty & the beasts! A guild that is rising fast to the top, hitting targets is what we are after and what we do! So I hear you say, what are these mystical targets, well let me explain.

150 Trophies per week
1400 Seals per week
200K Gold per week
Participate in Guild wars

If you feel you can achieve these juicy yet fruitful targets then hop on in & party hard whilst playing the game of a life time! We don’t bite and were all up for a cheeky natter, so don’t be shy and have a ball with us! Yeah you could join other guilds but I ask you this! Will those guilds be fun, will they be enjoyable & will they make your dreams come true & I think we both know the answer to my friend.

Look Forward to seeing you all soon :slight_smile:

PM me your code at DrawnToShaun or message on here

My guild is dead at the moment so joining an active guild would be great

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Hey, i was at work last night and this morning so i will leave my current guild when i get home this afternoon.
Thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, i have left my current guild so whenever you can add me that would be great :slight_smile:

Invite has been sent. Good choice my friend! It’s a winners choice!

Thanks very much, here’s to winning many wars together :beers:

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Do you still have a free spot there?

We do Diego, you’re just in luck, right place at the right time. Drop me your invite code & we shall get you in :slight_smile:

Yes, my code is DIEGOGS4_AHGL

Will get you in when I get home from work. You’ve made the right choice my friend. You’ll be chinking glasses with me & bugsy in no time.

Thanks, my friend! Cheers to that! :smile:

I received the invitation, clicked on it send me to search New ones, not beauty & the beasts, can you resend it please

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Is this team still looking for people to join?

We are what rank are you?

I’m currently a level 397. I was in a dead guild so I took over as guild leader but now my team is a bunch of leeches and I’d rather disband and join a team that helps each other. My team’s current rank is 194. I can easily meet your team’s current requirements but what happens if I’m on vacation for a week?

If you’re away just let me know & we shall tell the guild. We wouldn’t kick you. Send me your invite code & I’ll get you in.

Sounds good. I’ll disband my team after this week ends so the few active players can get the rewards one last time. I’ll send the invite code once I disband. Thanks for letting me join your guild.

Yeah sure thing :slight_smile: Monday will be a special day my friend. It’s time to hop on board travel to top 50 land

I feel very under levelled in the team and quite out of my depth but i’m trying my best

Bugsy play arena on normal and keep smashing out the 30 trophies :slight_smile: you’ve don’t better than some in the guild.