Bandit may be broken

I often use a class that adds a bandit to my party, and often times when I need to complete a daily quest that requires rogues it humans I’ll use Bandit directly. Today I had one such daily so I used Bandit directly. I’m not sure if the update messed with it, but I’ve noticed that Bandit no longer seems to give gold when using its skill.

After Bandit’s skill has been used, the gold count does not increase at all. This had been consistent over the course of several Explore battles in Stormheim. The team I went with is Bandit, Sister of Shadows, The Possessed King, and Warpriest Hero with Imperial Jewel. Played at 4x speed on Android Nutella operating system.

Bandit’s spell steals gold from your opponent not generate.
If the opponent team has no gold (obtained from spells, traits or 4-5 matches) there is nothing for the bandit to take.

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Screenshot of before skill has been used.

You do realize that enemy gold does not display…
The screenshot doesn’t really say anything.
Explores tend to finish very quickly (1 or 2 turns) which also permits less chance for the enemy to gather any gold.

Nah, Bandit is broken. I just did three explore battles where I let the AI take a 5-match and a 4-match before casting Bandit’s spell. Each time I casted the spell, I received 4 gold.


The gold amount issue has been there for a long time.
The OP is suggesting his gold count doesn’t increase at all.


I’m pretty sure someone reported this as a bug several months ago and several people confirmed just as @Grundulum has that it does not seem to be working.

I’m pretty sure no dev ever commented on it though at this point I can’t remember. But I’m pretty sure Bandit is and has been broken for a long time.

I am the Summoner.
I summon @Kafka and @Cyrup.
They will tell us.

Enemy Bandits do, however, steal my gold.

There’s no way of knowing your enemy’s gold, souls and treasure map count.

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That’s a good point. Can’t remember who mentioned this so it’s not my idea, but that’s a good feature request to be able to see enemy gold, souls & maps

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That’s a good point. Can’t remember who mentioned this so it’s not my idea, but that’s a good feature request to be able to see enemy gold, souls & maps

Coming soon TM!

Hello :wave:

Just checking this with the team

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I’ve noticed the bandit giving wrong ammounts of gold as well, every single time. I’ve never gained 20 gold as it says, unless going vs fully goldpowered skeleton key/egg thief teams.

I highly suspect the number is actually a
meant as a procent, not an absolute value. So it doesn’t steal 20 gold, it steals 20% of the gold.

THAT would fit perfectly with the actual stolen gold. If hitting an enemy that made 3 match 4/5’s it will steal 3 gold (as an example). If hitting a fully powered up skeleton key team, it will steal 40 gold instead.

In the next update you’ll be able to see the enemy team + your own battle information in a detailed popup.

The Bandit should be functioning correctly, if it’s not a video would be great - otherwise, the next update should be out soon, and you can double check if they Gold is being calculated correctly then :slight_smile:

If you let us know your platform we can help with recording.


Chromebook. Specifically…
HP 2 in 1 Touch-Screen Chromebook.

Please, also add the ability to see enemy magic numbers and your own. We need it as well.

So, we need the indicators for:

  • number of turns
  • number of gold for the opposing team
  • number of souls for the opposing team
  • number of treasure maps for the opposing team
  • magic values for both teams (on the cards or somewhere near it)

I think I’d already be happy with spells showing the adjusted final numbers of what they are going to do, with all applicable boosts already factored in. I seem to be pretty good at casting Skeleton Key a few gold short of a kill. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Grundy and Slyp-slyp are correct that it’s not a new complaint/bug report (Bandit’s gold-stealing ability) :slightly_smiling_face:.

The pictures in this post demonstrate it quite well, I think (as they show the effect of an enemy Bandit):

Per Kafka’s comment in that thread, there may already be an existing bug report for the issue.

Other mentions:

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I don’t like bandits.

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You might want to submit a feature request thread somewhere else with a suggestion on how this could all be displayed :slight_smile:

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