Bandits steal small gold

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Platform, device version and operating system
PC, Steam

Screenshot or image
Bandit’s ability
My gold before:
My gold after:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Bandits steal only 4 gold, not [Magic+4].
It works in both directions, but when they steal from me – it is more clearly.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
In any battle, PvP, Arena, Expeditions, etc.

Steps to make it happen again
It is enough to accumulate some gold and give chance the bandit use his ability :slight_smile:

The enemy must have the gold for you to steal it. If they haven’t accumulated the gold, you gain up to that amount.


Of course.

But I talking about other situation. In the screenshots:

  1. enemy bandit’s ability steal 26 coins
  2. I have 43 coins.
  3. after enemy bandit use their ability, I have 39 coins

Those, bandit steals only 4 coins, not 26, as it should be.

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Hmm… interesting.

Sorry I didn’t see your other picture. It really seems to be an actual bug, which I was able to reproduce in PvP defense testing as well. Look like his gold-stealing doesn’t change based on magic stat at all, but only static 4. (and sometimes 5 on enemies’ side for some reason, but never 20+ like it said on the card)

I wonder how long it has been this way. Is it broken by recent big update? Or it has always been, but no one is using this common card, and it’s hard to know how many gold the enemies have before/after steal, so it stayed unnoticed for so long?

Hey thanks for letting us know about this, I’ll make a bug report for testing.

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did anyone ever fix this bug? I’ve just started using Bandit as a gold producer, and am also only seeing the +4 gold in my gold-earned area (sorry, can’t remember the correct name) on the screen. The only time that changes is when his spell causes death of the opponent, in which case it’s more (+10 maybe?).