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There is something wrong with Bandit

Bandit is supposed to steal 10 gold but he is stealing nothing.
In more then 50 games I had him in my team he never stole any gold.

Bandit can only steal gold if your enemy has any to be stolen in the first place. If the enemy hasn’t made any 4- and 5-matches, he’s not earned any gold, therefore nothing for Bandit to steal.


I know that, but do you really think that the enemy didn’t made any 4 or 5 gem matches in over 50 games?
Before you answer that, he did, I kept the score and in 39 of those games the enemy made at least 1 or more said gem matches.
So there is certainty something wrong with Bandit. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hmm, interesting question: If the enemy has made gold, but it’s less than 10 gold… does that mean the gold cannot be stolen because the enemy must have at least 10?

Better question: what the heck is the point of Bandit given the low probability that the opponent has much more than 10 gold unless you’re purposefully dragging out a game?

Fixed it for you. :wink: