Aziris Lives On

In olden times, before Hero class xp was a thing, I used Aziris on my Khetar Soul Farm team.

Pharos Ra for the main dmg dealing, Morterra for Green plus summons, Aziris for Red, and Keeper of Souls as back up/Wight Summoning.

My brother might have bad mouthed Aziris a time or two, but I loved him getting free mana if there were 13 or more purple on the board. Easy enough to accomplish, if Pharos Ra just cast. And if I could make a 4/5 move, even better. And the best part? That little “hehehe” when he cast. According to, I used him 20 times in Invasions/PvP, most likely on accident from not remembering to switch teams, but still. I loved Aziris.

The ai didn’t. I’d hear him cast from time to time…hehehe. “Where’d he put that? There? Why?” Whatever.

These days, I seldom use him, or encounter him. But his spirit lives on: whenever I cast Doomed Blade or Club, and see a skull match cancelled because of Watery or Carved, I can hear Aziris laughing at me.

Please Devs, for the love of all that is Unholy, change those stoopid affixes.



Who leaves the sound on anyway???

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An orc who enjoys the dull roar of war :muscle::rage:


I used to have the sound turned on just loud enough so I would know when Infernus’ cast was over and it was safe to look at the screen again. His explosions hurt my eyes, and there were times he would get an extra turn and cast again, so just timing it out and looking back would get me in the second cast. Thankfully, he is no longer meta.

I had Sol’Zara on the team, briefly, but removed her because I found her Muahaha to be to annoying. I actually had to turn the volume up this morning to hear if it was 3 or 4 hehe in Aziris’ laughter. It is closer to 7 I think, but I’m certainly not going to type hehehehehehehe every time.

And my hearing ain’t all that great to begin with. “Frozen kittens, hear my call.” Maybe it’s “Frozen mittens, head my call.” She didn’t need it any way. I do swear and affirm that Apothecary swears at me when she casts, but I can’t for the life of me determine what Mab is saying while I bash her team to bits. I need the sound up when I’m on Tanks. On Gems, not so much.

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I am playing thru the event on an alt, and just now noticed I don’t get a storm after casting Doomed Blade. Club gets one. All the other converters get one, although Scythe gets a Bone storm.

I guess it just further illustrates how oblivious I am to some aspects of the game.

Oh well, Gears of War 4 is currently at 29% Updating. Tanks has been spotty internet connection with all the rain today. Gotta find something else to do…