Ascension Flag Missing

Platform, device version and operating system:
iPad 6 and Steam, Windows 7 x64

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
The screenshot shows all my troops sorted by “Upgradeable”. I would expect all my ascendable troops to appear at the top. Instead, I’ve had to scroll way down to see Sifu Yuan.

Sifu Yuan is a Base Epic troop. I have already ascended him to Legendary, and I have 11 copies. That is enough to ascend him to Mythic. However, the game does not recognise that Sifu Yuan is ascendable: he is not marked with the ascendable arrow symbol, and he is sorted in amongst the non-upgradeable troops.

After taking this screenshot, I clicked on Sifu Yuan and Upgrade, and I was able to ascend him to Mythic and level him to 20. However, it’s a mystery why the game thought he was not ascendable, and makes me wonder as to the implications for automatic disenchantment. I wasn’t able to find any other troops in the same situation.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
First time I’ve seen it happen. First saw it on iPad. Immediately logged out, then ran the game on Steam. The problem remained.

Steps to make it happen again
No idea.

Very wild guess, do you have any team that contains more than one Sifu Yuan? I could imagine that it won’t list the troop as upgradeable if doing so would invalidate at least one team.


I did think of that, but the answer is: not that I’m aware of. He was an Invasion troop, though, so he could still be doubled in a very old hidden team.

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Would be very interesting if that’s what prevented the Ascension icon from appearing.

I’ll give it a test on Monday, provided I remember to not ascend the new troop right away. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Okay, six rare Snow Panther owned, two in team, ascension mark shows up. Restarted game, ascension mark still shows up. Ascended Snow Panther, team lost one Snow Panther.

So, whatever is causing the ascension mark to not show up, troops used within teams doesn’t seem to be it.


Thanks for checking!

Hey, I’m so sorry for the delayed reply, we experienced an unexpected amount of support requests during a period when much of the team were attending GDC and then we also recently had a lot of Australian Public Holidays!

Have you noticed this issue again since you first reported it here?

I have not noticed this bug with any other troop. I’ve no maxed this troop, in any case, so if the issue still existed, I would not be able to test it.

It happened again. Except this time, the Level-Up icon is missing.

The screenshot was timestamped 27/5/19 at 3:53am AEST. I sort by Upgradeable a few times each day (my default filter is by Base Rarity).

Notice that Glutmaw is fully Ascended, but only level 19. Most likely, I ascended him (because he was sorted to the top as Upgradeable) but forgot to raise his level. It’s also possible that I knew he was ascendable (because I’d just bought enough copies with Glory), so I sought him out specifically. I don’t know if the game registered him as ascendable or not.

Subsequently, the game failed to detect he was upgradeable: there’s no upgrade marker for level-up, and he didn’t sort as Upgradeable. I only noticed the discrepancy by accident.

I don’t know what the connection is between Sifu Yuan and Glutmaw.

Note that this screenshot is from Windows. But obviously neither the Windows nor iOS clients picked up that Glutmaw was upgradeable, for some time.

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Do not forget about Aziris. It had the same issue as well for me.

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It’s happened again. Another Glory troop that the game doesn’t consider to be upgradable (for level, in this case).


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