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Arena Roguelite

I am sure 99% of you have heard of Hades, Slay The Spire, Monster train, Darkest Dungeon, and other deck building roguelites. They are insanely popular these days. They bring so much of what we like in a game to the table.

Why not set up arena like this? Play till you lose, then obtain rewards for progress.

After x amount of battles, you unlock a trait on a card, or have the card itself increase a level.

Have the AI increase difficulty as you progress.

There are tons of ideas that can be taken from existing games.

That would be something worth playing.

Just a thought.

Edit: I would even play something like that if they charged a sigil for each run.

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Haven’t played any of those but like the idea of a survival mode. A mixture of delves and explore in that you are stuck with a specific team (you don’t recover lost troops unless summoners are allowed, and why wouldn’t they be) and the enemy keeps getting stronger. Would’ve been a great rework.