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Arena needs a complete Update

Now that DawnBringer is becoming more prevalent in Arena (guilty as charged) I can see how people without it, especially beginning players who need the resources the most are really disadvantaged. The simplest solution would be give the Hero a random draft of a weapon that you own up to Epic rarity. However I propose that we have a tiered system of Arena based on early, mid and late game.

Early-game Arena (unlocked after first Quest): Keep it exactly the same as it exists with the exception of only using an Epic-rarity weapon or lower. Same buyin and rewards.

Mid-game Arena (unlocked after lvl 200?): the troop drafts could be Rare, Ultra-Rare and Epic, up to Legendary weapon for Hero. Hero class can be used and troops are ascended to initial rarity (16,17,18). Some troops are traited (3 for rare, 2 for UR, one for Epic) but no Kingdom Bonuses. Buy-in and rewards should reflect higher-tier.

End-Game Arena (unlocked at lvl 1000?): Can draft Epic, Legendary, Mythic troops, Hero has access to all Weapons available to them. All troops are fully leveled, ascended and traited. Maybe even make Kingdom Bonuses apply, though that might make it too-PvPish. Of course, buy-in and rewards should reflect end-game.

EDIT: Once mid and late-game Arena is unlocked you still have access to the other Arena modes so you can have the full experience :wink:



A lot of changes have been proposed in the past.
… None went through.

Though this is a nice suggestion - I’m afraid Devs won’t look into that. They are kind of flooded with other things. Not sure if money is one of them - but if anything gets implemented - Dawnbringer will be banned from Arena.
… Which I do not think will happen.

Agree that dawnbringer wrecks arena for newbies

However the sheer cost of it (essentially 1.3million souls) would cause an uproar if you were banned from using it


You’re banned from using all epic, legendary and mythic troops, so why should mythic weapons be any different? The whole point is that choice and options are limited in Arena.


If you are lvl 1000 with a million plus souls sitting around you just picked up the game for the first time since the level cap. I like this solution personally, it’s time to take the minnows out of the shark tank instead of continuing to pull out teeth.

Wouldn’t all the sharks be playing Arena with Dawnbringer though? If that’s the case, then the whole mode becomes strictly “Whoever fills Dawnbringer first wins”, which sounds like a really crappy game mode. Levelling the playing field sounds a lot more reasonable to me than setting up multiple tiers of competition for Arena.


It should only be allowed on offense.
You can’t chose Famine or name any Mythic troop here in the arena.
Defense should be random and a weapon available to only a few should not be in the defence pool. Simple, fixed.
I am level 1068 and a very long way from crafting Dawnbringer.
I liked the arena, as several have nentioned, a nice break from facing the same few teams in pvp over and over and over again ad nauseum in pvp.
By the way, I change my pvp team every week to give some variety to fellow players, it seems many end game players can’t be bothered. Sorry, getting off topic.


Arena is a huge opportunity for devs to make money. Let players draft Epics, Legendaries and Mythics then sell them for gems. Let low level players play with things they don’t have, allow them to have max traits, then once they have had a taste of the troop’s potential power, give them the opportunity to buy the basic troop.

Dawnbringer wrecks Arena for everyone who doesn’t have Dawnbringer.

Agreed 100%. If someone has the resources to earn it, they deserve to use it, but facing it as an AI defense should never happen. It’s completely unbalanced relative to the troops you can use in Arena. Someone willing to throw 1.3 million souls plus other stuff at the weapon earns the right to steamroll the AI, in my opinion. Just remove it from appearing on defense and you have a win/win.

Level 1104 here and probably a solid 6 months off from getting it myself, and it is ruining my Arena experience. Grief team after grief team in PVP, and now grief teams in Arena. So much for a more relaxed game mode.


I just did a complete Arena run in 8 minutes on normal with Dawnbringer. Easy 30 trophies.

Goody for you so happy you get to play with Dawnbringer when probably 90%, just a wild guess there, don’t.

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@Mariana, I posted that to show how OP the weapon is in Arena, I don’t think my post warranted your response.

I grinded the final 250,000 souls to get dawnbringer. I hope they dont take it away or i will have wasted a lot of time.

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Sorry, I apologize, the game has made me cranky and I am afraid that it is reflected in my reply to you.
Games should be fun, not make you irritable after all!


I 100% empathize with that feeling. I have also come here and lashed out due to poor choices in the development of this game…:smile:


I did an Arena in 5 minutes with Rock Spirit. No I joke but honestly I think I was faster than a Dawnbringer…
Just to say that some troops are totally unbalanced…

And here come the main issue of Arena (only my point of view): you have a joker (ie OP troop/weapon) and you focus on him. It could be Dawnbringer, Runic Blade, Rock Spirit, Lava Elem., etc.
Is it what Arena should be? I don’t think so.

About the OP proposition, it offers 3 different configurations (available according to your level).
Why not giving choices to the players?

In this thread, we talked about that and @Shimrra talked about a funny game (GemCraft) in which you can select several difficulty parameters so you can tune your experience.
So imagine it’s implemented you launch Arena and then you can select parameters:

  • level: 10, 15 and 20
  • ascension or not
  • 4 rarities: base rarities + Hero (this one can be tricky because for each combinaison you will need a set of defense ie players that play with this combinaison of rarities)
  • traits or not

I know this idea asks a lot of works so it will never be implemented…

Else, as said elsewhere, I don’t think Hero should be there: his stats scales with level (so difference between low level payers and high level ones) and his stats is 2x what all the other troops have. And nothing is done to regulate the weapons that he can use…


I think the easiest fix is make the fourth selection a random weapon selection as well, pulling from specific rarity weapons OR simply remove Hero and make it a fourth troop selection.

I don’t like that idea as much since it was nice to have a mode where the Hero was essential, but c’est la vie!

Oh, one more thought: The only real issue is Danwbringer on defense so why not simply eliminate those teams from defense selection? OR generate random defense teams ala Explore as opposed to pulling from winning player teams.

Arena is NOT PVP so why do I have to face human defenses?? :confused:

Just sayin’…


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I agree with this idea. Nerfing Dawnbringer doesn’t make sense to me since it only really seems to be a problem in Arena, so it seems like you either have to ban it or not guarantee a specific weapon. And I like the idea of using the hero + weapon.

This is another example of where they obvisouly didn’t do any testing before release.


I think so as well. Apart from weapons, many of the ‘newer’ units are not balanced for the arena - Swordmaster for example.