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Are the devs trying to drain us of our resources?

If the spoilers are to be believed, we have another kingdom coming soon. That’s the second kingdom within a few weeks time. Not only this, but both new kingdoms releasing with 2 legendary troops! The only time I can remember a kingdom releasing with two legendary troops was Glacial Peaks. Now we get two of them within a matter of weeks!?! We also have another new legendary coming soon. Legendary troops seem to be coming more frequently as well. We also had 2 mythic troops in December.

It almost seems as if the developers want us to spend all resources. That may lead to more in game purchases. I’m fortunate enough to be in a great guild and have been able to accumulate a fair amount of resources. But, at this rate, even late game players will eventually have a hard time trying to keep up.

It may just be coincidence that so much has been coming lately. Skadi came around Christmas. So, it could be seen as a present for the holidays. The new kingdom could coincide with the release of the game in China (I only heard of this in Tacet’s stream). I have no clue what the devs intentions are. But, it will become increasingly difficult for completionists (such as myself) to keep up if this trend continues.


From what I understand, this is a unique circumstance that has nothing to do with draining resources. Bright Forest was supposed to release in December/January but was unfortunately delayed. ShenTang is releasing to coincide with the game’s release in China. It seems unlikely that the devs have taken aim at your resources. Besides, what else are those resources good for?


You may be correct. Of course, the resources are only good for use in game. But, when a player is flush with resources such as gems and keys, there is little incentive to make actual in game purchases, other than to support the devs (which I’ve done myself).

Devs try to release Shentang for the Chinese New Year.
They also said that after patch 3.3, they will put back min. 2 troops by week (so more Legendary troops).

If you were an hoard-master 2 dan, you would not have this kind of issue :wink: .

I am quite the hoarder actually. But, if this is a regular occurrence, many people will find themselves falling behind in terms of aquiring the latest troops. All it takes, is one evasive mythic to drain a large chunk (if not all) of someone’s resources. Couple this with the fact of the recent trends lately, and I think many people will struggle to keep up. And I’m only talking about late game players here. Newer players will find it even more overwhelming.


I’ve burned through 900 event keys in the past two weeks alone. That is a significant amount of keys. With a new kingdom with TWO legendary troops and another legendary coming the following week, I will most likely be using gems on event keys. Something I haven’t needed to do for quite some time.

For what?
I spent 300 Event keys because of Glitterclaw. And 100 E keys for Magnus. One copy is enough for me.

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I spent a lot trying to get Titania to mythic. That’s on me. It wasn’t necessary. It took me 250 keys to get one Magnus this week. Kingdoms with 2+ legendaries can be hard to get.


Also, 400 event keys is quite a bit, no? Not to mention the fact that there is another kingdom and 3 legendaries right around the corner.

For 3 Legendary? I think it’s alright.
I should have 650 more event keys and like 36k gems, so not a problem for me :slight_smile: .

I understand your concern but if devs want that much money, I think it’s the best way to do it (i.e. adding more troops). They could add crappy P2W features.


I’m not too worried yet. I hope I am able to keep up. But, I also think we are in the minority. Most people people don’t have the kind of resources we accumulate on a regular basis.

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Trying to get Voice of Orpheus drained me of all my resources :frowning: I’d been pretty lucky up to him but with VoO I blew through over 2 months of everything I had horded all to no avail. I’ll be no where near to ready for the new kingdom but oh well I gave up long ago on the idea of ever getting all the troops it’s an impossible task as they just keep pumping them out. If you started today you would never get all the mythics even in a top guild in your life time at the current rate and how the game is set up IMO. I do go a little crazy when it’s a mythic I really want like VoO but sadly he’ll be a forge troop for me now.


Looking forward for a new kingdom soon, two kingdoms in a month, oh Baby! :sunglasses:

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Getting new troops to Mythic right off the bat? No wonder you are out of resources. You should revise your strategy.

First of all, only use event keys if you miss a legendary or a Mythic from the current kingdom. I usually spend 100-150 EK to hunt for whatever Mythic is in chests, once my UR and Epics hit Mythic, it’s time to stop. After that you only convert your keys to souls.

Secondly, don’t hunt for mediocre Mythics. What if there’s a super-duper Myth coming next month? You need to be conservative and patient, my friend.


Thirdly, you need to learn to let go. See those legendaries you can’t get to Mythic? Let them go. There’s a new Mythic and you don’t really plan to use him? Let him go. You will get them eventually. Life goes on.



If you “want things now,” and “ain’t getting them fast enough,” I can see how it could seem that the devs want “shiny, new stuff.”

But, I assure you, the devs, as they arrive to work in their Ferraris and Lamborghinis, would rather have a contented player base. (There was a joke in there some where, but where? :upside_down_face:)


Replace developers with publisher and I agree, but they’re a business and the end goal is making money. In any F2P, only a very small percentage of players pay, and it would make sense to try increasing that percentage.

I just wish they’d go the route of offering value for money instead of a gradually tighter squeeze.

Personally I’m just going to be more frugal with my resources. There’s no need to mythic a new troop the moment it launches. I’m a collector too and I don’t have a huge hoard. If new troops start hitting too fast for me to keep up, I’ll either reconsider how important being a collector is or I’ll move on. I’m not the target market and that’s okay :slightly_smiling_face:


Are the devs trying to drain your resources? I mean…yes, of course they are, they clearly want resources to be spent, because that’s the whole point, isn’t it? That’s not malicious of them, though, that’s them simply wanting you to be playing the game and using the things you get. Resources are intended to be spent, not stockpiled forever in a Scrooge McDuck-ian vault.

Likewise, I absolutely do not understand the complaints about the new kingdom coming “too soon”. In the immortal words of Professor Farnsworth: a-whaaaaaaaa? Ok, so you may not have 20,000 Gold Keys immediately stockpiled the day that the new kingdom comes - so what? It just means that you’ll actually be looking forward to getting Gold Keys for the next little while, and that’s good! And if you don’t get every new Legendary to Mythic within the first hour of release - again, so what? You’ll still get them eventually, and to loop back around to the top, you can always burn Glory stockpiles for Event keys, then earn more Glory.


I wish they’d drain the piles of resources that I cannot spend… but that’s not gonna monetise, so I’m not holding my breath…


Basically this.

An F2P game gives you currency at a slow drip in the hopes that you’ll get so excited about spending it you’ll buy more. GoW is a really nice F2P game in this respect, in that people have actually reached “the end” where there aren’t reasonable places to spend currency. NORMALLY an F2P game tries its darndest to never let players get there.

The reason isn’t just greed. If players reach the “end”, then it’s harder to keep them interested in the game. They want to move on to somewhere they can “make progress” again. This is something to keep in mind as a player. If you burn fast and bright to reach the “end” of Gems of War, after you get there you’ll find there is less to do.

I’ve seen many a game go sour trying to find something to do for those players. This is where power creep and ridiculous currency sinks come from. Dawnbringer strikes me as a good example of what we get if “give players who have more than 5,000 arcane traitstones something to do” is a goal. What do we do, give you a game mode that costs more investment to play? OK, what tempts you into doing it? “Bigger rewards.” You’ll say. But… you… already… maxed everything?

I mean, orbs are a new resource, but they’re clearly used to level/trait troops along with “something” mysterious in Soulforge. People who have resources will figure out, within a few days, how best to farm them. Unless they are capped like diamonds, they’ll burn through everything orbs can do in a month. “Give us more”, they’ll ask. Alternately, if they’re super expensive, it’s inaccessible glitter dangled in front of other players.

Unless, like Dawnbringer, it becomes important to BOTH competitive meta AND griefing new players. Then it’s inaccessible garbage that represents a lack of care for the game.

Anyway, if a new kingdom’s a resource sink, it’d have to be huge to deal with some of the screenshots people have posted. It takes 30 arcanes to trait out some high-end troops. I don’t expect the new kingdom to have 30+ new legendaries and mythics to help drain 1,000 traitstones. And it sure as heck won’t have the 200-300 it’d need to go across multiple types of arcanes.

So I guess my TL;DR is I don’t personally think there are a lot of good options for draining thousands of traitstones. We might get something that drains “dozens”, and that’s the right amount. If you’ve pushed to get to “thousands” there’s a phrase about the brightest stars that applies. Technically the “right” design for GoW wouldn’t have let you get so many so quickly. But if it were designed that way, you wouldn’t like playing it so much. This is the cruddy part of game design: it’s hard to actually balance tensions.


Of course they’ re trying to drain us of resources. Also I suspect they lowered the drop rates of new legendary troops from event keys to help with that. I spent all keys and gems, even glories to get Magnus this week, I got none. Same for Orpheus. I have same feedback from other people.

In my opinion, there MUST be a cap where you can have gems, diamonds, souls and traitstones. Otherwise new players cannot keep up with existing mid-level players, let alone veteran players. Thats not fair.

Nobody should have 30,000 gems, 10,000 diamonds, 5 million souls and 100,000 traitstones in their arsenal. It’s a reason for not wanting to play anymore for lower level players. Also level cap may be increased slowly month by month.