Aquisitions Inc guild chat


I thought I’d start a thread and see if anyone from the guild is also on the boards.

There is a chat room for the guild?

Ciao a tutti, sono un membro della Gilda, volevo sapere chi è attivo in realtà in tanto, e poi volevo sentire il capo gilda e qualche amministratore di gilda, grazie.


Iperal, you are great!
I lowered in rank only to the extent I was wrong to write ad guild, I eventually correct writing power Guild, iPearl good, you know that you evaluate people, I asked you to get up in rank and instead do I lower the rank , I contribute a lot with gold and trophies, so talented, you know that you evaluate people!
So do you feel that … people contibuisce the hunt you’re out there, and people at level 5 you keep it to make up the numbers!
Ps. you’re there to run me out!


You’re too childish and not know how to manage anything, then hello I’m leaving.