Anyone else going to E3 2017?

I haven’t been to E3 in years, but I was planning on going this year. Is anyone else going? I thought it might be good to meet some fellow GoW players.

None Of The Above

Before I die I’d like to attend an E3. Oh, and comicon and gencon too. Is gencon still a thing?

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never been to gencon, but I did get a private tour of TSR since my ex’s brother was a doctor in Lake Geneva. Thanks man, I had totally forgotten that awesome memory.

So I guess the answer is no one else is going.

If you need a +1 and can foot the bill, I’d be happy to join you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
In all seriousness, it’s cool you work for PlayStation. I am officially jealous. Enjoy E3 and share scoops here!!! :wink:

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