Anu's sceptre can't pick blue


When casting Anu’s sceptre, you should be able to pick any mana colour, but blues are not highlighted and can’t be clicked on

Happened in multiple games today. Not sure when it started

It started when Anu’s Sceptre was released. It can’t pick blue so that it can’t fill itself and cast repeatedly. The text has been incomplete for months/years.

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Hey @Reason sorry for the delayed reply.

I’ll make a report for this so we can improve the text.


I always pick brown with Anu’s Sceptre. (I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself.)


I approve!

Hello, there! The last reply to this topic was 10 months ago. I still cannot choose blue with Anu’s Sceptre. Has the description been updated to reflect this inability to choose blue to fill its own mana in languages other than French and English of which I may not be aware? My descriptions still say it has the ability to select any colour.

The text has been broken for literally years. I wouldn’t expect to see it change any time soon - it’s just one of those minor things that you learn, then move on. Call it a trivial rite of passage. ;p


One thing on the table for 4.4 is they said they fixed some weapons. (I won’t use quotes because I don’t know the exact quote.)

I’ve been hoping Anu’s Sceptre is one of them.

Anyway, what’s crazy to me is just last year you could make a post and get a dev response in a week. Most of the bugs I’ve seen reported never get one at all. The last one I posted got a comment about the music I listen to, but never the bug itself.

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Fwiw, I can’t see your music bug on the Known Issues list, so idk :man_shrugging::slightly_frowning_face:.

Also, was it you that joked that the reason the text for Anu’s Sceptre hasn’t been changed yet is because of a Dev inside-joke where they wanted to see how many Bug Reports they could get people to make? I’ve just been trying to find it (with no success), because I thought it was funny/relevant.

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If I said that I made it up to try and laugh about it, the only real information we have (and it probably came after I made that joke, it’s only recently come out) is something like:

They finished the weapon, then at the last minute decided if it could pick blue it could self-loop too easily. So they changed it to not be able to pick blue, but didn’t update the text, then… kept not updating the text for like 3 years I guess.

It doesn’t feel like it’s a big thing to fix, but :man_shrugging: