Anonymous Guardians - Recruitment open for Anonymous (#1), Marthos Guardians (#8) and Light Army (#23)


Who we are:
We are an alliance of 6 guilds that cover all the range from the starter guild to the #1 guild.

We are the only alliance:

  • that has 3 guilds in the top 25
  • that is able to put 3 guilds in the weekly top 15 for trophies and that has ever done it
  • with 3 guilds that are or have been in bracket 1 for guild wars (we currently have one in bracket 1 and two in bracket 2)

What we offer:
Anonymous, Marthos Guardians and Light Army complete of course all the weekly events and many LTs each week.
The 6 guilds of our alliance share a common Discord server that is very active, with a helpful and friendly community.

Although our 3 top guilds all have high ambitions for guild wars, they all have different personalities and focus. We probably can find the guild that will suit what you are looking for and your degree of competitiveness.

What we are looking for:
Each guild has its own requirements but all require at least from their applicants:

  • lvl 1000
  • 300t / week
  • ideally an experience in GW at a high level or at least a liking for GW and a will to learn
  • be active on Discord, especially during the GW weeks.

We currently have a slot in which of our three top guilds.
Join our server for more information:

[closed] Lvl 1080 active daily player looking for a top-50 guild
2 player looking for guild