Anonymous Guardians - Recruitment for Anonymous (#3), Marthos Guardians (#8), Stratagem (top 40) and Light Army (top 60)

We are an alliance of 6 guilds that cover all the range from the starter guild to the #1 guild.

We are the only alliance:

  • that has 4 guilds in the top 25
  • that has ever put 3 guilds in the weekly top 15 for trophies
  • with 4 guilds that are or have been in bracket 1 for guild wars and are currently all in the B1-B3 range.

The 6 guilds of our alliance share a common Discord server that is very active, with a helpful and friendly community.

Although our 4 top guilds all have high ambitions for guild wars, they all have different personalities and focus. We probably can find the guild that will suit what you are looking for and your degree of competitiveness.


Since June 2016 we have been the #1 guild on PC/Mobile and the first guild to reach many game milestones.
We are looking for very active and ambitious players, who will help us remain at the top and set new records.
Ideal candidates will:
•Be lvl 1200+
•Average at least 1K trophies / week
•Have most of the troops and have most of them ascended / leveled / traited
•Have a successful experience in bracket 1/2
• Be able to communicate at least a little in English


We were created and have existed since the onset of the game and were originally known as the Rainmakers. We have always been in the top 10, and wish to stay there. We are always looking for new players who want to make our guild stronger.
Our requirements are:
•1334 seals
•500 trophies / week (non GW weeks), 300 trophies / week (GW weeks)
•1.5M gold
•participation in the weekly events
•minimum score of 40K for GW
•we are currently fighting in the upper brackets (2 or 3), so that means you should have solid GW teams


Laid back guild for active players lvl 1000+. 40K seals and all tasks completed weekly.
1500 Seals
1.6M Gold
No trophies
Participation in all non-GWs weekly events
GWs - Do all matches and minimum level 3 on sentinels or 12 levels total, however the player likes. No minimum score. Just try to do your best.


The focus of Light Army is GW. We are currently in bracket 3 but our ambition is to come back to bracket 1. So we prefer to recruit players who will help us fulfill that objective.
Our requirements:
•lvl 1000+
•750K gold
•100 trophies / week
•participation in the weekly events
•min score of 40K for GW


Created initially in July 2017 to offer to the veterans of Anonymous a vacation guild, the guild turned into a casual but ambitious guild. It has climbed very fast, reaching rank 100 in February 2019, and is still climbing.
Endgamers wanting to slow down are welcome, as well as midgame players who want to grow in a stimulating and helpful environment.
Our requirements:
•250K gold
•100 trophies
•1000 seals
•participation in the weekly events


Cnonymous was created after AG took over a dying guild. It is as well a retirement home for endgamers as a guild that welcomes and trains new players, whatever their level is. However it doesn’t mean that the guild is inactive. It has a focus on weekly events and completes them each week. It also completes all the basic tasks and reaches the 40K seals.
In December of 2019, the guild started a new chapter. The guild members were moved to what was originally Ultra Marines and which was once a top 15 guild. Ultra Marines was renamed Cnonymous.
Our requirements:
•750 seals
•100,000 gold (exempt if you are still leveling your kingdoms)
•50 trophies
•Participation in all events

Interested? Join our server to chat with us: Friendsheeps🌟


Because 1 Size Doesn’t Fit All!

Anonymous Guardians has a guild for everyone.

  • Just looking for a casual guild or a new player then Cnonymous is for you.
  • Tired veteran looking to slow down or mid-level player, then Bnonymous would be a great fit.
  • Veteran or high-level (>1000) player looking for guild, then either Marthos Guardians or Light Army may be the guild for you.
  • And if you think you have what it takes to hang in the #1 ranked PC/Mobile guild, then look no further than Anonymous.

We currently have openings in Anonymous (#1), Marthos Guardians (#8), Light Army (#22), and Bnonymous (#95).

Come join a great guild family. Fun times await you with like-minded players. Don’t be shy, come check it out for yourself on our Discord server.(Click on the banner below please) [url=][/url]


Coz one can’t look further than the top!

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im just getting back into the game im lvl 832 and other minimum requirements are np. in game name is carnrikejesse

ROADWARRIOR_XEFG level 1262 high level guild experience at top 15

Still spaces? Level 1265

Light Army and Marthos Guardians still have an opening. If you join us on discord we can figure out which guild would fit you best

Update :

  • 1 slot in Light Army
    We are looking for an active player able to compete in bracket 1-2.

Join our server for more information: Friendsheeps🌟

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Update :

We have 1 opening in Bnonymous (#91 - several LTs each week, 40K seals, weekly events completed)

  • 750 seals
  • 250K gold
  • 100 trophies
  • participation in the weekly events.

And 2 openings in Cnonymous. (#179, 4-6 tasks completed, 30-40K seals)

  • 750 seals
  • 100K gold (exempted if you are still leveling your kingdoms)
  • 75 trophies
  • participation in the weekly events.

We have openings in our 3 top guilds, Anonymous (#1 / B1), Marthos Guardians (#8 / B3) and Light Army (#23 / B2).
If you are lvl 1000+, average more than 300t / week and can compete in brackets 1-3, join our server for more information !

We are recruiting for Light Army (#23 / bracket 2 / all events completed and many LTs each week).
lvl 1000+, 300t / week, ability to play in bracket 1/3 or willing to learn .

We currently have one opening in Anonymous and one in Light Army.
Check our server for détails .

We currently have a few openings in Light Army due to the GL sadly quitting the game.
The guild has spent a few days discussing their reqs and adjusting them and they are now ready to fill their ranks again.

Light Army is a GW focused guild. Currently in bracket 2 they are looking for players able to help them come back to bracket 1.

Their reqs: 250t / week (160 the GW weeks), 1250t / month, 400K gold, 1500 seals.

We also have an opening in Marthos Guardians (#7 - bracket 2).

More détails on our Discord: Friendsheeps🌟

Status update:
Seats available in:
Marthos Guardians
Light Army


We still have a few slots left in Marthos Guardians and Light Army .
If you have what it takes to play in bracket 2 come visit us!

Hey there Guys!
We are still looking for a few recruits to join our ranks in pretty much all of our guilds.
From semi-casual training grounds all the way to competitive levels of play.
In short we have everything you might be looking for.
If interested, please visit us at :

Looking forward to hear from you!

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We currently have openings in Anonymous and Light Army.
If you like some challenge in GW come visit us!


Anonymous Guardians ae looking for Members!
As it currently stands we have spots available in our end-game guilds:
*Marthos Guardians
*Light Army

We are also looking for a few active, newer players to join the ranks of our semi-casual guilds.
Something for everyone!
Please come and have a chat with us at:


Yo soy nivel 1100 y estoy en un gremio llamado Atlantis dono 1 millón, 300 trofeos, 1500 sellos como mínimos, amo el juego me gustaría crecer más y poder seguir mejorando, me laten sus gremios, siento que podría crecer aun más y ser de mayor utilidad.

Anonymous Guardians ae looking for Members!
As it currently stands we have spots available in our end-game guilds:
*Marthos Guardians
*Light Army

We are also looking for a few active, newer players to join the ranks of our semi-casual guilds.
Something for everyone!
Please come and have a chat with us at: