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Anonymous Guardians - Recruitment for Anonymous (#1), Marthos Guardians (#10), Stratagem (#21) and Light Army (#25)

Just entering mid-game along with another guild-mate. We’d like to move to a more active guild like bnonymous. We can easily hit the seal target and $100k gold as we are both still getting all kingdoms to 10. Have both gotten over 100 trophies every week, and have both maxed out seals for the last 3 weeks in a row.

For Bnonymous we are looking for a midgamer wanting to grow in a friendly and experienced environment or an endgamer looking for a casual but active and somewhat ambitious guild.
The reqs : 100 trophies / week, 750 seals, 250K golds, participation in the weekly events.
What we offer : all the basic tasks + a few epic ones, 40K seals, weekly events completed.
Join our server for more details.

Hi anon, my ID is Nyet Engel in the game and really in this past guild war I was Bnonymus in the same picture as my guild Atlantis, I am very comfortable in the guild, but my interests are to go further, including Anonymus , I am an active player, my guild minimums are always between 1 million 500 thousand and 2000 stamps as well as 500 to 900 trophies per week since I work and I am a family man, but without a doubt I would love to be in a quarry or In the main one day.

Hi there.
We are looking for experienced GW players for Light Army (#24 - bracket 2-3).
The reqs are: 750K gold / 100t / participation in the weekly events.
For more details please come check out our Discord Server at:

Hi All.
We have some open slots in Stratagem (#20) and Light Army (#24). Come check out our requirements on our Discord server at:

This link comes up as “Invalid Invite”.
Lvl 1221 1 mil gold 2000 seals 600+ trophies.

Hi All. We have some slots open in Marthos Guardians and Light Army. Come visit our Discord server to see our requirements or just come and visit.


We have openings in Anonymous (#1), Marthos Guardians (#10) and Stratagem (#20). We are looking for very active players able to compete in the highest GW brackets.

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We have openings in Stratagem (#20). We are an active guild family with a lot of flexibility. Come check us out if interested on our Discord server at: